Goosebumps Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Jack Black, Amy Ryan Movie HD


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19 Responses

  1. Nick Luque says:

    such a good movie better that that stupid pixel movie

  2. ~Brunno says:

    I just watched this movie. No spoilers but im left with one nagging question, hows sex gonna work?!

  3. Dre Ray says:

    The Narration ruined the trailer..

  4. MrAtaguas says:

    reminds me of Jumanji … monsters … interactive game… children …. older comic veteran

  5. Mike West says:

    looks like a gay disney movie, fk that

  6. MayBay says:

    Does anyone know when this is coming out in Australia?

  7. when is it realising

  8. Tori Freeman says:

    a lot of the stuff in trailer don't happen spoiler alert

  9. Tori Freeman says:

    Jerome that's weird

  10. i saw this movie…EPICNESS!

  11. Autumn Welsh says:

    I love this movie. It has to be my new favorite movie of 2015

  12. Glenn Marin says:

    So this is the modern Jumanji?

  13. Crash Kat says:

    Why in the hell are they teenagers?! They're supposed to be kids. And she's not supposed to be a hot girl!

  14. Chris Bryan says:

    Sorry to the haters, this movie received positive reviews from critics.

  15. Brace Brooks says:

    Looks pretty wild (like Pixels) but definitely looks entertaining

  16. Nazri Buang says:

    I heard that the werewolf is going to take a bite at Jack Black's ass.

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