Gorod Krovi: World at War Challenge! Part 1 | Black Ops 3 Zombies


Definitely harder at the start, but an interesting challenge.


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  1. CODAHOLIC says:

    Unique idea for a challenge

  2. Joss Woods says:

    Boss challenge I tryd it I got to round 57

  3. Killer Death says:

    the way edward says sniper…..hahahahaha shniper

  4. Random Gamer says:

    This chlanage was done by The Smith Plays back in Origins.

  5. PUMATECH49 X says:

    this idea is fucking awesome dude keep up the content mayn

  6. D Heiler says:

    Very cool challenge I'm going to try it for myself

  7. what do you call a broken pencil

    never mind their is no point

  8. What console do you play on?

  9. Enrique Jr78 says:

    Spoiler alert he dies 4 times at the end

  10. When will part 2 be

  11. - Mustcust - says:

    You did the challenge wrong, on wAw you don't get revived from quick revive

  12. Luke Brown says:

    I really like this challenge might try it out myself

  13. hi can you give me a shout out plz on you're next video

  14. Hey Rissole can I have a shoutout for my YouTube channel I work hard on my content and barely get any views it would mean the world to me if you gave me a shoutout

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