Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 – World War Three


Taken from the 1984 ‘ work parties ‘ LP


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  1. jamnoise72 says:

    Prophetic or what?

  2. I was born in 1985, Only 2 when this dropped. But I can still see this music is timeless, Melle Mel is never mentioned among people's top mc's or greatest of all time, but he was definitely dropping science right here. Glad dude injected lyricism into the artform. Peace to everybody old school to new school…. Hip hop can never be dead

  3. Gyula Ladi says:

    A thousand miles away from home
    a mortally wounded soldier dies
    and on the blood stained battlefield
    his life flashes before his eyes
    before he dies the man saw jesus
    and jesus christ took his hand
    and on the soldier’s dying breath
    the good lord took him to the promised land

  4. Silje Fossen says:

    Born in 1994, couple of months ago I found my dad's old hiphop records, and I was so suprised, I've never heard anything like it! Melle Mel is definitively, as you say, one of the best MC's 🙂

  5. jdterry84 says:

    this may have to be some of the worst music i have ever heard. And i am normally a pretty forgiving person.

  6. I heard this song yesterday while I was puffing 420 and I was like "Okay…yea I'll download this" now that I'm clear headed, I still would download this so like #70 is here.

  7. Its old obviously, but it is not that bad. Kinda cool in a nostalgic old school 80's hip hop way.

  8. lol….1st album I ever bought myself,lookin back I was that young i didnt realise jus how camp they were fuck knows whut my mam n dad thought when I came home with a record with oiled up muscle men in leather bondage gear on the cover lol….classic tune,love this track….

  9. One of the deepest rap songs pertaining to war. After watching "the day after" and listening to this song I was expecting to see a mushroom cloud over L.A any minute. Nobody except chuck d and KRS came close to speaking the truth and painting a vivid picture through lyrics about something so terrifying.

  10. Lyric like this makes you realize how much hip-hop has declined and has become disposable. This is art and revolutionary and was common place in the 80's. Now, with the rappers coming out in the past 10 years, not only do we get horrible, senseless "lyrics" or just party catch phrases we don't even get skillz except for a few.

  11. how generous of you to say so, being an obvious connoisseur of…. something

  12. you've lost your marbles

  13. luvya420 says:

    thank you so much for this, it was my 1st album!

  14. Grandmaster Melle Mel deserves way more props than he has. The words of this track reflects whats possible at any time or any day…..And, this song was written in 1984!!
    I rocked this track back in the days and we were ready for the Apocalypse…..Thank you Grandmaster Melle Mel for your raw talent and being true to the game…..

  15. Beeboy69 says:

    My top 5 MC'S
    1….Melle Mel
    3…Krs one
    4….Chuck D
    5….Biggie Smalls

  16. mjdc2505 says:

    Back in the 80's this song was a possible reality when president Ronald Reagan became afraid of the Soviet Union that they could have actually nuked America at any moment. Now in 2015 it's a reality again because America is trying to provoke Russia and Putin and his Generals said they will respond with Nukes due to the Ukraine crisis.

  17. antoine says:

    lets freedom be

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