Graphic: Cowardly Gulf Cartel Animals Hang Teen Girls


Corey Pepple

On November 25, 2013 a horrific scene came to light early in the morning in Fresnillo Zacatecas when two bodies were seen hanging from a pedestrian bridge. A message was left on a banner hanging from the bridge next to the bodies of the victims and was signed by the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

Graphic Cowardly Gulf Cartel Animals Hang Teen Girls

The victims were both young girls that are not named here as requested by the family out of fear of retaliation.  Both victims were ages 15 and 16 and were reported missing since November 20, 2013. They were both held by members of the CDG to gather information on Los Zetas. Both of the victims were known associates of members of organized crime.

The two bodies dangled from the bridge. The authorities quickly arrived when notified and they secured the scene.

The bodies were hanging from yellow plastic chords.

The massages on the banner read“Fucking Z Juan Bandido don’t be a faggot, confront us whore, come and pick up your trash, so you know whore here is the CDG, under the command of M3. Respond for your people, don’t be a coward.”

Los Zetas are fighting to gain control of Fresnillo. They have declared that Fresnillo will never be CDG territory. In the last few weeks, CDG has been abducting people and stating that they are going after Los Zetas. Young girls have been the biggest targets, since at least 25 girls have been abducted in the last month.

No witnesses have come forward.

Keep in mind that the animals in this story who murdered these young girls could easily be your neighbors.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) abandoned ordinary background checks as a result of a surge in amnesty applications because of President Obama’s executive action last year.

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  1. Archie1954 says:

    Those that live by the sword will die by it. These unfortunate victims were associated with killers and drug cartel members and as such put themselves in danger. This terrible, evil deed should be a wake up call for all those who wish to be part of the death of society and yet not bear responsibility for their wrong choices.

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