Gravity Hypothesis



Gravity Hypothesis

By: Dennis James Huff 


Gravity has normally tested a major challenge for my mind. I am one hundred% guaranteed that the phenomena does exist. Throw any object you like up into the air or drop anything at all off of a mountain or a developing and it will drop down. What goes up definitely need to occur down! I am also one hundred% guaranteed I am not by yourself in my perception in gravity, or at least I hope that statement is correct. So, this perception in Gravity will serve as the system for my hypothesis. We know it exists, it is the “What” it is that is the sticking stage for the scientific community. I am informed of the well known hypothesis of the existence of a Graviton. I are not able to say that the Graviton does not exist, although I do not personally imagine in its existence myself. I say this because, I have a hard time conceiving of a particle interacting with issue, in this kind of a way that it appeals to just one object to a further. The notion that this particle by some means emanates from just one human body of issue, interacts with a in the vicinity of by human body of issue and then by some means manages to induce the gravitational result simply just does not sit well with me. That does not mean that there is not a suited rationalization for gravity. A “smoking gun” so to communicate. I imagine the smoking gun tis a drive that we are by now common with and that Gravity is only a perceived result of this known drive. The drive I communicate of is Magnetism. 

Gravity (A magnetic influence) 

I would like pretty a lot to imagine in Einstein’s eyesight of Gravity. A sphere warping the area time fabric was a genius notion and did appear to make feeling at the time. As brilliant as the male was, “I stand on his shoulders” that does not mean there weren’t some misconceptions that necessary to be set. Just one major false impression was that “Time” was by some means a thing fairly than a tool. Along with this false impression was “Space”, that it was by some means weaved alongside one another with time to variety “Space Time”. A pleasant visualization that points out how clever the human intellect can be. George Lucas conceived of Star Wars, but I am not holding my breath on assembly Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Space does exist, but it is just that, area. Space is “An spot that is or is not occupied by issue”. A vacuum is simply just area with practically nothing in it. A vacuum would exist any place there is an absence of issue. Time is practically nothing extra than our notion of motion. It is a tool we use to make it possible for our minds to comprehend motion in the universe. Events acquire position, and often we like to be equipped to measure or forecast sure situations. Math and a technique of time are pretty helpful resources to assistance us far better comprehend our existence. Regrettably area and time are not bodily things that can be weaved alongside one another into a Space/Time fabric. A extra precise depiction of the relationship involving area and the “notion of time” is a ball in a area. Visualize this area with practically nothing else in it but a ball. The area signifies area and the ball signifies time. The area is made up of the ball that is in motion, that motion can be measured…that’s why time in area.

An additional attention-grabbing notion, but not as precise as some would imagine is that a planet’s warping of this area/time fabric is what is responsible for gravity. An object methods a world and the path it usually takes is a falling inward, following the curvature induced by the warping of area/time. This may well conceptually appear to hold correct with a 3D object sitting on a Second airplane, but if we examine this notion a minor closer than we uncover some challenges. If this object were being to hold falling, because of to the warping of the S/T fabric then we can visualize it following the curvature of bowl in the Second airplane. The object would sooner or later occur to relaxation all-around the pole of the world. The object alone would hardly ever truly slide into the world, fairly it would slide into the bowl where it would occur to relaxation. The finish final result would be a world with a bunch of area particles sitting previously mentioned its southern pole. Notice: I chose southern pole for the sake of argument. We can orientate this any way you like, it is the finish final result that is essential in this article. Enable us extrapolate on this notion more by taking into consideration a 3D object sitting in 3D area. The fabric of S/T occupying the X,Y,Z proportions we are common with. We even now would get the same final result. Only this time the world would have objects orbiting it endlessly or remaining stationary as it arrives to relaxation relative to its placement to the world. This would in result, more than time, produce a shell of particles all-around the world. Obviously this has not solved our challenge of gravity. We know from practical experience that objects slide into planets as well as orbit it. We also know that gravity is related to the mass a celestial human body is made up of. If Einstein’s notion of gravity were being correct than I assure you, planets would hardly ever have know the horror of staying struck by a comet or an asteroid. These objects simply just really should not have made it to the world surface dependent upon the S/T fabric notion. Definitely, anything else need to be to blame.

So, what is to blame for an object falling to the floor? What is responsible for this Action at a distance? Enable us seem at what we do know and then acquire it from there. We know the following of gravity 

  1. Objects on earth slide at the same price, irrespective of mass (We will suppose this retains correct for all other celestial bodies)

  2. Objects, irrespective of dimensions, show a gravitational drive

  3. Objects slide and objects orbit

  4. There is a definable relationship involving issue and the strength of gravity (extra mass = stronger gravity)

  5. Anti Gravity is not known to exist naturally, does not exclude artificially. 

Knowing the previously mentioned will assistance us to go ahead and consider the doable culprits for the phenomena of Gravity. Prior to we do this I would like to stage out that I left the chance for anti gravity, because technically it by now exists. In purchase to reach a permanent anti gravity subject will have to have unfamiliar ingenuity. Quickly attaining anti gravity takes place everyday. Every time a airplane usually takes off, the area shuttle lifts off, a kid jumps on a trampling, or an NBA star dunks a ball all of these steps provide us glimpses of anti gravity. The important to these situations is strength. Any total of strength that goes into an object up till the gravity barrier is achieved leaves us where we are, but when we cross the gravity barrier we have obtained Anti Gravity. The important is applying ample strength to defeat the drive of Gravity on an object. For the airplane, it achieves Anti gravity by elevate. A glider uses air currents as it cuts by an ocean of gases. A prop airplane relies upon propellers to pull it by an ocean of gases till a stage is attained where the elevate presented by the wings is obtained. At the pretty instant the prop airplane lifts off of the floor the gravity barrier has been breached. Sufficient strength is now staying presented to make it possible for the airplane to defeat gravity and enter an anti gravity state. Of course, gravity is even now acting upon the airplane, but the fact that it does not slide is Anti Gravity. It is an equal and reverse drive that is proportional to the strength used to the object defying gravity. The same goes for a jet engine. A jet planes elevate is presented by its effective jet engines. Electrical power is used to the technique till the jet usually takes off. The same can be said for a kid leaping on a trampoline, an arrow traveling upward from a bow, a bullet, you title it. If it goes up, it need to occur down, but as long as it is heading up it is defying gravity. So, in a feeling Anti gravity is extra popular than we believe. What we are genuinely following when we communicate of anti gravity is a way to preserve anti gravity indefinitely. We may well be equipped to engineer this feat someday, but I am quite sure that we will hardly ever uncover Anti Gravity present in the pure planet. The pretty mother nature of gravity will not make it possible for it. (See “On Anti Gravity” for extra details on AG at the finish of this paper)

If a bowling ball and a baseball are dropped at the same time they slide at the same price. This tells us that the mass of these two objects is sensation a constant variety of gravity. Why is this? It would be pleasant if we could drop Jupiter and the earth toward a bowling ball to see what would take place. The stage staying that when dealing with any object falling on a world you have to seem at the dimensions of every object in relation to the other. The dimensions of the bowling ball relative to the baseball is genuinely not the a lot diverse. Specifically when you consider the dimensions of equally relative to the world they are falling toward. The mass of the baseball and the bowling ball is minuscule in contrast to the earth. The same can be said for any object falling on any world. This tells us that the relationship involving small quantities of issue vs bigger quantities of issue will normally guide to the bigger human body having the remaining say. Of study course the extra issue you have the increased the remaining say. The earth would not have a lot to say up versus the sunshine, just as the sunshine would be bullied by a black holes huge gravity. The sunshine may well be bigger, but the mass is the important.

Action at a distance genuinely is anything to puzzle more than. The thought that two objects with no interaction in anyway could even now result just one a further is a euphoric thought, virtually like magic. While I have observed David Copperfield make the statue of Liberty disappear, I knew it was practically nothing extra than figuring out how he did it. That is all we have to do with gravity, figure out how it does what it does. Just one notion I came up with as a reverse wave. Most likely a subject emanates from each individual object outward in all directions in the variety of a reverse wave. It is a standing wave that moves toward the centre of a mass of issue. It is a enjoyable notion, but with some major challenges. The larges staying that if this were being correct than we would most certainly witness objects falling to earth an a new light. This is assuming that an object would journey the wave fairly than having the wave move by the object. In this visualization the object is staying pulled toward the world by the wave action pulling the object toward the world. Think of a ball on a rigid standing wave, thrust on the wave and the ball will go along the wave. This gravity wave would be responsible for offering objects to their remaining resting position. This is an attention-grabbing notion, but it is only a notion. I do not imagine in this state of affairs, but when it first happened to me I appreciated the thought of it. Of study course the extra I thought on it the extra I knew it not to be correct. I could not get my intellect all-around the reverse wave notion. Even if the standing wave grows as the mass of a celestial human body grows, I even now can see how a reverse wave would not just collapse into alone and disappear all alongside one another. There are just also a lot of challenges with this hypothesis that I will not proceed any farther in pointing out its flaws. It does serve to exhibit us how a notion can be without the need of truly staying the truth of the matter of the issue.

The smoking gun we will need has to meet the following standards. It has to be equipped to reveal how gravity is related to mass. It has to reveal why objects of diverse masses can slide toward a world at the same price, this price differs for planets of diverse masses. A baseball and a bowling ball will slide at the same price on earth and at the same price on Jupiter, but that same price is diverse dependent on the world the experiment is getting position. I have thought about this at wonderful lengths and the only drive that I know of that can account for what we know about gravity is magnetism. My hypothesis is that Gravity is truly a manifestation of the magnetic drive. In purchase for this to be correct I imagine that just one drive has to be a bit increased than the other. Given that objects slide to earth fairly than the reverse than I hypothesize that the attractive drive is increased than the repulsive drive.

Objects are composed of molecules that are in convert composed of particles. These particles consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The neutrons are neutral and therefor are not active in the outcomes of gravity. What is responsible for gravity are the protons and electrons. Protons have positive demand and electrons have destructive demand. Opposites entice and like rates repel just one a further. Exactly where the result of gravity cums into engage in is what I refer to as “Sum Complete” demand. Sum Complete demand simply just refers to getting each individual one proton and each individual one electron that is contained inside the world earth and including them up separately. Then consider the same for the protons and electrons contained inside a individual or a auto, developing, etcetera. Definitely the protons and electrons contained inside the earth much outnumber any of the same contained inside any object on the face of the earth. What gravity is is the result of all of the protons in my human body sensation the outcomes of all of the electrons contained inside the earth as well as all of the electrons in my human body sensation the outcomes of all of the protons contained inside the earth. Given that the attractive drive is a bit stronger than the repulsive drive we perceive this as gravity. All objects on the earth continue being on the earth and any object irrespective of dimensions will slide to the earth at the same price. The most important rule to hold in intellect with this hypothesis is that objects of related dimensions and mass practical experience fewer gravity toward just one a further. This simply just implies that objects of related mass’s protons and electrons cancel every other out al nevertheless not fully. Given that the attractive drive is a bit stronger than the repulsive drive than there will normally be a slight attraction involving the two related masses. Objects with drastically differing masses, this kind of as a baseball and the earth the baseball will really feel an powerful attractive drive. The earth will entice the baseball like a giant magnet and hold it tightly to its surface.

Just one remaining thing to consider is how objects orbit just one a further without the need of coming alongside one another. Illustrations would be the planets in our solar technique or all of the solar systems and stars in our galaxy. It is easy to envision the solar technique in its earliest beginnings. Spots of increased mass would start to variety as the disk of substance coelessed into our solar technique. The finest concentration of mass was where our sunshine fashioned with the thinner and fewer dense parts toward the outer disk. In this disk issue came alongside one another to variety locations of increased mass. In excess of time these locations of increased mass duked it out more than the substance that remained till our planets were being fashioned. An easy way to envision this system would be to acquire every world in our solar technique and smear them out into a ring all-around the sunshine. This location would have represented the location of finest gravity. The vacant areas involving the rings was where unfastened issue when was, but was pulled into every ring to variety the planets. This of study course was not how it happened in a literal feeling, but will help us to envision how gravity labored to variety the solar technique we stay in today. All of the planets orbiting the sunshine in a tug of war with just one a further. All of these objects are related in gravitational affect to just one a further relative to a baseball and the earth. What this implies is that even nevertheless the planets really feel every other people affect they preserve their orbits all-around the sunshine. The sunshine is made up of the finest mass relative to the planets, but the planets are much ample absent that they will not be pulled into the sunshine. 


Gravity simply just has to be just one of the forces that we are by now common with. I are not able to conceive of gravity staying a particle that is by some means equipped to trigger gravity. Action at a distance is a difficult thing to conceive of and the only drive we know of able of this is magnetism. We know how magnetism functions, so there is no mystery. Why commit all of our time making an attempt to attribute gravity to a graviton when the reply could be so a lot less difficult? Legislation at the atomic level dictate how molecules interact dependent on demand. I imagine that planets, galaxies, black holes, you title it also are dictated by these same forces. The only difference is that things on the planetary scale are a little bit extra challenging. The cause staying is that we are not making an attempt to figure out the interaction involving a handful of protons and electrons. Now we are making an attempt to figure out the interaction involving a world entire of protons and electrons relative to a further object with protons and electrons. How these interactions get the job done on a planetary scale requires more study. Most likely it by now has. We have mathematical equations for gravity so now it just may well be a issue of filling in the blanks. Gravity is practically nothing extra than the manifestation of magnetism on a planetary scale. Not to be bewildered with our planetary magnetic subject. This is induced by the molten outer main rotating all-around a good iron nickel main. That is the popular held perception and just one that I subscribe to. Our earth is composed of protons and electrons which are responsible for its gravity. The same goes for all other objects in our known universe.

On Anti Gravity (AG)

This is extra of a realization that i made whilst crafting my hypothesis on Gravity. Anti Gravity is way extra popular than is currently considered. A sustained anti gravity subject is what science is definitely following, and this could be obtained. Merely use nuclear reactor or some other strength resource that can offer the AG machine with a pair thousand yrs worthy of of strength. That is about as close to a permanent AG subject we will at any time be equipped to make. The important to AG is strength! Except if we uncover naturally taking place AG on a further world, (we is not going to) i remarkably question that a permanent subject will be identified exterior of an artificially created just one. As much as AG in our each individual working day life, it happened to me that each individual time i elevate a cup or any other object skyward, that is Anti Gravity. My arm is providing the strength, my arm got this strength from the foodstuff i ate, making it possible for me to transfer that strength to my muscle groups and elevate the object. I refer to this as mechanical AG. Electrical power is not staying used straight to the object that is staying lifted, fairly my arm is receiving the strength to make it possible for me to mechanically elevate the object skyward. There is strength transfer involving my hand and the object, but this is not related to the AG celebration alone. Used Electrical power AG includes planes, helicopters, rockets, and the area shuttle. Gas supplies the strength to reach elevate ( in the circumstance of planes and choppers) or strength is supplied to reach thrust in the circumstance of rockets and the area shuttle.
Gravity is a drive that retains us firmly to the earth. Electrical power is used to an AG technique till the Gravity threshold is breached and the object achieves AG or (Flight). The Gravity threshold is simply just the stage at which ample strength is obtainable to make it possible for an object to defeat the drive of gravity. Planes and helicopters have assistance in the variety of elevate and this is a two strategy variety of AG. Strategy just one, strength is used and strategy two, elevate is obtained. The system is Acceleration -> Carry -> Anti Gravity. Some would stage out that a chopper does not will need acceleration, this is not correct. The acceleration arrives from the act of applying strength to the chopper blades. When the blades are up to speed (acceleration) then elevate is obtained. Presto, Anti Gravity.
There is only just one naturally taking place variety of mechanical AG. Just seem to the skies or in a tree the subsequent time you are exterior. If you spot a bird, there you have it. Birds acquire in strength in the variety of foodstuff and then use that strength to reach elevate by using the flapping of their wings. An additional important stage to hold in intellect is that our atmosphere will help us to reach elevate in the Used strength state of affairs. We may well not see the air but we know it is there. Our atmosphere can be thought of as a further ocean. Rather of water it is loaded with fuel. Fixed and transferring wings make it possible for us to fly by utilizing this sea of air all all-around us. Devoid of an atmosphere, birds would not be heading any place both. Our atmosphere plays a important job when it arrives to planes, helicopters, and birds attaining flight. This is not so for rocket propulsion. Electrical power is used to induce motion in an exact direction. No elevate is included. This is why our area shuttle and rockets can reach motion in area. Stick a prop airplane in area or a helicopter and get their propellers transferring at any speed you like. You will not go any place. This is because there is practically nothing in area for the propeller to pull by. An additional very good example of mechanical strength assisting you to reach anti gravity is a swimmer. Choose a ship out into the center of the Atlantic and leap more than board. If you swim or tread water then you are employing your bodies strength to reach mechanical AG. Stop swimming and you will float many thanks to the air in your lungs, but you is not going to stay afloat endlessly. In essence you are traveling when you swim. You are hundreds or hundreds of ft previously mentioned the floor. Rather of staying suspended in a sea of fuel you are suspended in a sea of water. If your lungs fill with water then gravity will acquire more than and you will slide to the floor or in this circumstance, the ocean flooring.
Prior to i finish this i will need to deal with to Hot air balloons, and balloons. The same notion applies in this article. Warm air rises and that is all a scorching air balloon faucets. Electrical power is used to the air in the variety of hearth and the warm air is trapped by the balloon. Given that warm air is lighter than cooler air the balloon goes up. It will not go up endlessly nevertheless, it will just go up previously mentioned the cooler air. It will not escape the earths gravity. Gravity is not the only drive at get the job done in this article. It is essential to hold in intellect the interaction of strength and gases contained inside our atmosphere. Helium will make a balloon increase because helium is a lighter fuel. If it was not for variances in temperature our atmosphere would fundamentally layer alone with the denser gases on the base and the lighter types previously mentioned. Given that our atmosphere is regularly encounters warming and cooling it stays mixed up for us.
So, it turns out that Anti Gravity is a a lot extra basic notion than earlier thought. Turns out that most of us have both skilled anti gravity or induced anti gravity on a each day foundation. What some scientists hope to reach will hardly ever be obtained. No machine will at any time be made that can sustain permanent AG without the need of someone earning guaranteed the gas resource is regularly replenished. I are not able to say that there may well not be a way to synthetically engineer a substance that would make it possible for us to reach anti gravity simply just dependent upon the mother nature of the synthetic substance. The fact continues to be that in purchase to reach AG indefinitely we will have to engineer it.


Supply by Dennis Huff

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