Greek’s IMF Debt Problems, Illuminati Hand Signs and More Color Purple


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  1. Really Cold says:

    The Ontario Liberals have also racked up a tidy sum…a non sovereign record I hear.

  2. HEALING REQUEST: Saw this shocking news too… welcome to join me in meditation and sending some love and healing thier way. All the best

  3. Oddly, all the people with burns on their faces had hair intact without even being singed.

  4. The Economic Bubble may well just begin to Burst once Greece 'purposely' defaults on this weeks IMF 'loan'. Who is next? Two main words: Silver and Gold.

  5. Great work GA! I would love to here the explanation as to how it came to be that all those purple pyrotechnics just blasted off at once at the pride party in Taiwan. No safety separation dividers? Ya sure. So we owe 16.8 trillion. What did we buy? I bet it was nice, lol. 168? There is that pesky 192 again (360 – 168 = 192), just like Kuwait Air KU188 and American Pharaoh and I think one for the 3 "terror attacks" on Saturnday. Anyway, thanks for the info and I like your format too btw. Peace Brother!

  6. Greece owes 39,400 per person,drop those zeros (like IMF's Christine Legarde says)…394-360 = 34
    the square of 34 is 1156…..and Christine Legarde was born on 1-1-56!

  7. Jo B says:

    We always go back to either Ancient Egypt, Ancient Roman or Ancient Greece…"The Olympic flame is a symbol of the Olympic Games.[1] Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus ('Sousse' in Tunisia) by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece"…….It just struck me watching this video, this morning there was some silly commercial which was playing on the characters from the film 'Grease'…I just switched over as it was stupid but will try and catch it again tomorrow as now I think there is more to it being 'Greece'

  8. POATAPON3 says:

    I don't know about Tsipras, is Atheist, but I m from Greece and i know he try to not cut more money from poor and middle class people For the first time Greek Goverment ask people what they want to doing. With her vote. For US is true it will be next, i know is in worst position, and only lie about the America  economy recovery, maybe use Greece economic problems to start economic colapse? Jade Helms for this is on most US countries ith his Army

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