Green Party Candidates Arrested At Site of Presidential Debate

truther October 18, 2012 0


In an attempt to protest the two-party political monopoly in America’s so-called democracy, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala protested outside last night’s presidential debate which refused to allow them or other third-party candidates to participate.

Both major parties have acted as one authoritarian force in keeping the presidential debates closed to independent-minded parties who they clearly fear may inject real issues into the discussion. The wholly corrupt Commission on Presidential Debates requires that independent candidates receive 15% in pre-polling in at least five states in order to qualify for debates. Yet, it’s obvious that acquiring that kind of support without being in front of a national audience in the debates is nearly impossible.

Just prior to being arrested for peacefully blocking traffic, Jill Stein called the “blocked debate” a “mockery of democracy.”


Stein is receiving around 1% in current national polls, while Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling at 4%. Every disgruntled American who still plans on voting this election day should support their favorite third-party candidate if they hope to ever have an independent voice at the presidential level. Otherwise we’ll always end up with one of two evils.

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