Growtopia – World War 3!! (PvP Montage)


Welcome to the video World War 3! I have lots of fun in PvP with my friends 😀 Enjoy!

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Check out the awesome music!
Katalyst – Doomstar

Intro And Outro Music:
War – Low Rider (Lookas Trap Remix)

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Zestos | Growtopia – World War 3!!


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31 Responses

  1. Jaqqq says:

    Fastprofit :0

  2. diggo garcia says:

    1:41 Moment that u trolled you're friend but he/she Pulled you ??

  3. ………………that was amazing and awsome

  4. Lazy Verged says:

    I think you should prank them as revenge. xD

  5. ZbladeGT says:

    lol dat moment when you troll your freinds killing them over and over then they just pull you lol

  6. Forester GT says:

    Well that was fun xD

  7. Bunny Hitler says:

    Guys there a guy named ZestosHD. He is saying it's his alt and he's doing dirt to zeus. /fp

  8. If My Comment Get Pinned , Ill Eat my socks.

  9. lol cool vid as always lol

  10. Nerdy YT says:

    Hi People Of The Internet Me Here Nothing To Be Amused About

  11. Outro – Stay….frosty??? Is that what you said?

  12. Leoeni says:

    Nice,loving the music at the outro <3

  13. weewali 004 says:

    Is it a trailer for a film or what?XD

  14. ZazyK says:

    liked the video! ??i hope i was in the war. i would've used a bazuga rather using spikes lol

  15. Durtieh GT says:

    woah damn! nice video bruh!

  16. SteavePlays says:

    I set my phone on airplane mode.
    I threw it.
    It didn't fly.
    Like if u cri everytiem

  17. FlaMi says:

    1:57 That's me the 69420360 xd

  18. Wes Do says:

    I'm have played Black Ops – Heroes = World War 3

  19. SteavePlays says:

    What do you use for recording?

  20. iSongify GT says:

    I LOVE IT. im crap at pvp anyways HEHEHEHEHEH THIS IS AUSSIE

  21. IceBlazerGT says:

    zestos can u online now? I Show U My Best troll

  22. FabFucii GT says:

    Zestos, the gyzo you see there is a scammer, he acts as me and lies to everyone ._. i'm the real superfan.

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