Guardsman carried off in stretcher after collapsing at ceremony


Guardsman ,carried, off,in ,stretcher, after,collapsing, at, ceremony Guardsman collapses at the Trooping of the Colour ceremony to celebrate the Queen’s official …


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  1. Unbelievable the man is on the floor and there just standing there ?

  2. no name says:

    Nothing to see here just a brittish soldier passed out, it only matters if they are a muslim refugee 

  3. Pathetic reaction.

  4. it's called discipline you imbeciles!n

  5. Disgraceful. This gentleman is left on the concrete unattended. Seconds count in cardiac arrest etc. Even the people who eventually arrive seem what I allege: insufficiently trained and handle his body carelessly and more concerned with adjusting their uniforms.The music continued to play etc. Absolutely disgraceful. in my opinion, I allege his commanding officer should be charged.

  6. Queen elizabeth is the ugliest fucking woman who ever lived in this earth, and is a piece of shit too

  7. Wael Nasser says:

    Que viva gran bretaña y la reina isabel.

  8. Raul Negrete says:

    Maten a la Reina !

  9. notice how no first aid was given. they dont give a fuck about you. and you are trained not to give a fuck about them.

  10. ntks25100 says:

    Замедленная реакция на обморок.

  11. guess he said "fk this" and went to sleep

  12. Vreede Anna says:

    It's time for the UK to stop worshipping the most evil , ugliest woman on earth. This is horrible treatment for the poor man.

  13. gsm gsm says:

    еще бы валенки им одели они все разом тогда легли.

  14. It happens .. but for a long time to respond

  15. No me sorprende ya que esta sirviendo a uno de los regímenes más dictatoriales del mundo.

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