Gun Activist Who Exposed ‘Bang Your Door Down’ Cop Receives Threats

Paul Joseph Watson

Officer who couldn’t wait to “bang down your door and come for your gun” still under investigation

The second amendment activist who brought light to a Facebook conversation in which a Connecticut police officer said he couldn’t wait to “bang down your door and come for your gun,” says he has received threats after the story gained national media attention.

Gun Activist Who Exposed ‘Bang Your Door Down’ Cop Receives Threats

Image: John Cinque (YouTube).

As we highlighted on Monday, Navy veteran and firefighter John Cinque, who made national headlines after telling state lawmakers he would not comply with gun registration, went public with the details of a Facebook conversation in which Officer Joseph Peterson told another individual, “I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun.”

The conversation centered on the second amendment showdown in Connecticut, where a vast majority of residents have refused to register their assault rifles and high capacity magazines in accordance with a new law that took effect on January 1.

Peterson was subsequently placed on extended leave by the Branford Police Department while the incident was placed under investigation.

In an interview with the New Haven Register, Cinque says he has received a deluge of messages since the story broke, including threats. (see update at end of article)

“There have been threats made — that I found out about today,” said Cinque. Branford Police Department could not be reached to verify the threats.

Meanwhile, Officer Peterson’s phone line has been disconnected while his Facebook page has been deleted or made private.

“The problem now is, we have a forest fire burning, and we’ve got to see how we can go about extinguishing it,” said Cinque, adding, “I wasn’t looking for the firestorm that has occurred, but there are a lot of people out there who are upset with the path that we’re on in this country.”

Last week we reported on a separate second amendment activist in Connecticut who was warned that “there’s cops and politicians up here who want you dead.” Mike Vanderboegh had penned a 16,000 word letter to officials warning them that any attempt to initiate mass gun confiscation would result in a tragic bloodbath.

Earlier this month, the Second Amendment organization Connecticut Carry issued a provocative challenge to authorities in the state, calling on them to either enforce gun confiscation or repeal the law in full.

Update 12/12/14 @12:11 PM Central: I just received an email from Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost. He said that he spoke with John Cinque this morning and the threats have all been directed against the police and not against him personally. –Dean Garrison, Editor

John Cinque

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  1. It is completely down to an Us and Them situation. ADL – trained adrenaline junkies who will do anything their entitlement masters tell them to do against us, the common freedom loving citizens who these people should be working for instead of posturing against us. It is inevitable that a hot civil war will be the course of action. We must use overwhelming force backed by spot on intelligence to remove these traitors from their positions. At the same time we need to go to the root of the problem and rouse the jews who put us at each other’s throats in the first place. It is imperative that this is done or nothing will change. –

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