Gun Confiscation Begins in California


Kit Daniels

As reported by David Knight, California law enforcement is now confiscating legally purchased guns from registered gun owners who have been labeled “Armed Prohibited Persons” (APPs.)

Gun Confiscation Begins in California


Police shoved two M16s within inches of gun owner Joe Mendez’s face during a raid on his house to seize his legally-purchased firearms.

Fourteen officers total were involved.

Police even showed up later to lie to Mendez’s wife about the raid, saying that they were only taking a report after her car was involved in a “hit and run.”

All of the targeted APPs had purchased their firearms legally but the State of California declared afterwards that they were prohibited from gun ownership due to minor misdemeanor convictions or mental health concerns.

Gov. Jerry Brown even signed a bill this past spring to expand the program by spending $24 million to hire an additional 36 officers for a total of 69 agents to track down nearly 20,000 people on the APP list.

Before they can embark on gun confiscations, officers perform “tedious, expensive and time-consuming work, requiring hours of background checks and cross-referencing,” as reported by NPR.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into these,” said California Dept. of Justice spokesperson Michelle Gregory to NPR. “People aren’t always home, there’s different stories as to where the firearms may be and there’s a lot of follow-up [that] needs to happen after.”

“So there’s still going to be a lot of work even after they come out to these homes trying to confiscate these weapons.”

In 2011, a gun confiscation sweep across 43 counties over a six week period resulted in over 1,200 firearms seized from 723 people.

Later on, the state can easily expand the list of “prohibited persons” to include even people who are behind on their state taxes or did not pay their toll fees on time.

This is clear evidence that gun registration ultimately leads to confiscation.

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5 Responses

  1. MG says:

    The 2nd Amendment is TYRANNY insurance. As with any insurance policy, you hope you don’t have to use it. It lays dormant UNTIL it is needed.

    At the point that your guns are being confiscated is the very point at which the 2nd Amendment was intended to become active. If you allow your tyranny insurance policy to be cancelled through the confiscation of your guns, you have given up your right to protect yourself from tyranny!

    With all of the checks and balances in place to preserve the Constitution, you should never need the 2nd Amendment. If all of these fail to preserve the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment is the LAST obstacle to tyranny and if you surrender that, you truly have been defeated!

    Any gun confiscation done wholesale or piecemeal is ALL about disarming us. Obviously, an armed LAWABIDING citizenry is an OBSTICAL to what they have in store for us.

    When they claim the fix to a crazy person killing people is to DISARM the LAWABIDING citizen, you know you are hearing a fool’s argument!

  2. doesntmatter says:

    “This is clear evidence that gun registration ultimately leads to confiscation.”

    TOLD YA o_o….
    and to those who think its easy to “defend yourselves, family, and property” with M16’s pointed at you AND your family by men in fatigues and war gear…well lets just say I think you will quickly come to your “senses” like everyone else has whos been in a similar situation…smh.

    big talk, but nobodys marching the walk -_-

  3. I will never understand why those who will not use guns to defend themselves and their lawfully owned property have guns.

    • Michael J. Marsalek says:

      Many people own guns to protect themselves, their family and their property. Most responsible owners hope & pray they never to have to use their guns against another person. Almost all desire to survive any incident involving guns. Displaying a loaded or unloaded gun or anything that even remotely resembles a gun to the police or other government authorities often results in suicide by cop.

      • That being said, the time and circumstances are now upon us where we MUST defend our freedoms from a tyrannical government bent on relieving us of our rights and turning us into slaves. It IS time to start showing the pigs who is boss. THAT is what the Forefathers intended with the 2nd Amendment. So, if you own firearms, but don’t intend to use them for protection against a corrupt government, then you might as well not own them at all. Suicide by cop? That is defeatist language. Martyred by corrupt government forces should be the term. Yes, it could happen. But if people would just join forces and fight fire with overwhelming fire then things would begin to change.

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