Gun Control: San Francisco And Oakland Crowds Hand Over Guns in Buyback


William Bigelow | breitbart

In San Francisco and Oakland on Saturday, citizens brought their guns to sell to the police in return for cash. Every volunteer who returned a gun was $200 richer walking away. The line was so long in San Francisco that there was no cash left after lunchtime and I.O.U.s were substituted instead.

 Gun Control San Francisco And Oakland Crowds Hand Over Guns in Buyback

Oakland’s citizens gave even more guns back, including assault weapons and Ak-47s; the line of people returning guns, which was comprised of those standing and those in cars, was almost two miles long. A limit of three per person was imposed.

Oakland’s police chief, Howard Jordan, said, “When we remove guns off our streets that could be used in a crime, we reduce the possibility of our youth and community being a victim.”

There’s only one problem with this scenario: in all likelihood, it’s the law-abiding citizens returning guns. The criminals are not about to surrender theirs. All reports from the scene quote people who were highly unlikely to use their firearms for criminal activity in the first place.

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  1. Ltpar says:

    Two thoughts come to mind when reading this article. First, who were the people who sold their guns to the City? Second, were the guns operable, or just worthless junk being cashed in for $200. bucks each. Think about it, with the new craze on outing legitimate gun owners, what a great entrapreneurial opportunity this presents for criminals. Get a list of names and addresses of gun owners from the internet, burglarize their homes and then sell the guns to some stupid City who falsely thinks it is cleaning up crime. Of course considering the two Cities involved, San Francisco and Oakland, one cannot expect much common sense to be applied to anything they do.

  2. rusty shacklefurd says:

    i know at one of the buy backs in california some lady returned a rifle worth $24,000 dollars. the cops are holding it for her untill she can find a buyer.

  3. You'reNotFoolingMe says:


  4. Vytas says:

    I bet 200$ that all possible criminals gave in 0 guns including not functional ones.

  5. Schmoder says:

    I wonder how many stoopid sheeple turned in their $1500 AR-15 for $200???? In the queer city of Oakland & San Fran – probably lots!

  6. david frobel says:

    it a good way to get rid of guns that you couldent sell outherwise,,old and broken ones,,i wonder if the cops get to look through them to see if there are aney valubale ones that people have let go whithout knowing,,,,,

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