Gunshot- World War 3


Album:Patriot Games (1993) UK Hip Hop.


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  1. thebrummie says:

    How can this only have 400 odd views.?? Class tune, cheers for the upload. Lyrically superb, beats hard as it gets, samples fit perfectly. Awsome!!

  2. BeatmasterAC says:

    damn thats a nice track. I never heared of this group. I know only some instrumental remixes from DJ Junk and Def cut. Maybe this group is like Hijack and NWA. Underground, underrated and just epic.

  3. patriot games is a awesome album i still got it and even a t-shirt of that album

  4. man i was lucky enough to see gunshot twice, patriot games is still one of my favourite albums proper good hardcore british hiphop, alot of the cats making tunes today should be made to listen to this

  5. Stylezzz101 says:

    got that on vinyl, proud of it…

  6. thebrummie says:

    how the freak can this only have 2500 views, there's a picture of a cat that looks like Hitler thats got almost a million.

  7. Paul Hirst says:

    Declaring war on da U.S.A. British rap is teking over..face it

  8. I szardet listening to Britcore at 1994,i,m 35 Years Old,and i,m listening to different Styles of Music Death-,Speed and Trash Metall, Hip-Hop, and my alltime Favourite Drum and Bass ….,I listening to da Gunshot Singles Collection Thousand Times and it never bored me !

  9. i´m a punkrocker, but this is verrry cooool!!!

  10. b4zook4tooth says:

    gunshot is so underrated,they can teach america a lesson……public enemy said we were the 51st state,GS feel those shoes comfortably.

  11. Selbst heute noch heftig :-)

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