Hackers hit Israel as Israel hit Gaza: Report


A recent report shows that as Israeli army forces went further into the besieged Gaza Strip, cyber attacks against Tel Aviv increased proportionately.

According to a report released by Arbor Networks, the number of DDos (distributed denial of service attacks) against Israel between June and July went up by about 500 percent.

Hackers hit Israel as Israel hit Gaza Report

On July 21, as the death toll from Tel Aviv’s attacks topped 500 Palestinians Israel came under 429 cyber attacks.

The report says cyber attacks dropped against Israel on July 28 through August 2, a period which “roughly correlates with the ultimately unsuccessful ceasefire talks that began on July 27th.”

The figures show a direct correlation between Tel Aviv’s warfare against Gaza and cyber warfare against Israel.

The recent anti-Israel cyber attacks being carried out by a number of groups were attempts to make online services unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from different sources.

Earlier, Anonymous hacktivists said they have taken down “hundreds” of Israeli portals, including those belonging to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad and the Israeli military.

The Israeli regime’s 29 days of military attacks against the Gaza Strip claimed the lives of nearly 1,900 Palestinians, including more than 400 children, and wounded over 9,500 others.

A 72-hour humanitarian truce between the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and Israel took effect at 8 a.m. (0500 GMT) on Tuesday.

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