Halloween – From The Illuminati Sex Cult Sacrifices To Mean Pranks

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Halloween knows no bounds, with thousands dressing up and carrying out gruesome, scary and frightening acts every single year. But can Halloween-fans really go too far? Here’s 10 of the meanest, funniest October 31st pranks and acts.
Halloween - From The Illuminati Sex Cult Sacrifices To Mean Pranks

Heartless parents trick son into thinking he has Ebola

heartless parents trick son into thinking he has ebola © Twitter

The Ebola outbreak is not a laughing matter, as over 5,000 people in West Africa have succumbed to the deadly virus. And as media panic spreads in the US, one family decided to use this as the basis for a prank, fooling their child into thinking he has Ebola after reading his temperature.

Controversial Home Halloween Display Showing Black Lynching

controversial home halloween display showing black lynching © Twitter

A homeowner in Fort Campbell has caused controversy this year and shocked neighbours by hanging figures from trees with bin bags for heads – as it resembles the lynching of African Americans. Racially-charged lynch killings were carried out by mobs from the 18th century, carrying on into the 1960s during the civil rights movement.

Realistically-gory Chainsaw Massacre Prank

realistically gory chainsaw massacre prank © Twitter

What would you do if you saw a chainsaw-wielding maniac like in the horror movies? The unsuspecting public were left petrified when a man sawn in half desperate clambers towards them asking for help. His innards spilling out, a serial killer covered in blood, clutching a roaring chainsaw soon approaches. Bystanders frantically scream as they fear for their lives.

But fortunately, this was only an incredible, realistically-gory prank by YouTubers Vitalyzd TV using a lot of latex, fake blood and makeup.

Kids Left Horrified When Father Pretends To Kill Mother

kids left horrified when father pretends to kill mother © Twitter

KFVS 12 reported that in 2010, Saline County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call of what they thought to be a homicide, as two young kids believed their witnessed their father strangle their mother to death. But what it turned out to be was a fake murder all in the spirit of Halloween.

Sheriff Keith Brown, who responded to the call, said, “I’d rather deal with an embarrassing situation and a prank that went awry than deal with what was originally reported”.

Graphic Lawnmower Accident Halloween Decoration Prompts 911

graphic lawnmower accident halloween decoration prompts 911 © Twitter

In North Carolina, police were called when locals were horrified to find what seemed to the grisly demise of a man run over by his lawnmower. But it turned out to be a graphic Halloween decoration made by a homeowner.

The controversial DIY design nearly prompted a full-scale emergency response.

Dozens Of Decapitated Animals Found In Streets – Occult Ri

dozens of decapitated animals found in streets     occult ri © Twitter

Dozens of decapitated animals were found on Halloween in 2010, terrifying locals in a Miami neighbourhood. The headless carcasses, such as goats, cats and birds, littered the streets for two blocks.

It is believed the horrifying discovery may have been witchcraft, satanic rituals or animal sacrifice performed by followers of the ancient Santería religion. Animal sacrifice is often used by the religion during healing rituals, and in 1993, the US Government implemented laws against Santería specifically, after calls from animal rights activists.

Is Halloween The Day For Human Sacrifice By The Illuminati?

is halloween the day for human sacrifice by the illuminati © Twitter

Although Halloween is a day of partying, Trick-Or-Treating and dressing up, it has long been speculated that the fright fest is actually a day for satanic rituals by elite cults.

Forbidden Knowledge states that according to the Satanic calendar, Halloween is ‘one of the two most important nights of the year.  Attempts are made to break the bond which is keeping the doors to the underworld closed.  Blood and sexual rituals.  Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifice – male or female)’.

When Murder Is Mistaken For A Prank

when murder is mistaken for a prank © Twitter

Because of the array of gory and gruesome pranks carried out on Halloween, the realistic nature and extent people will go to give a good fright means that it’s hard to tell whether it’s a prank or a genuine horror.

And this happened in Long Island, when 35-year-old Derek Ward beheaded and butchered his mother Patricia, throwing her body out into the street before jumping in front of a train. Witnesses did not register the horror they had seen, but when police and emergency services were called, the grisly reality sunk in.

One local resident told CBS, “You figure, OK, someone is playing a Halloween prank, but for it to turn out to be a reality — wow.”

Poisoned Candy And Tainted Apples To Kill – Myth?

poisoned candy and tainted apples to kill     myth © Twitter

There are various stories of strangers handing poisoned candy to innocent children with the intent to commit murder or serious harm, but these stories have often been debunked as hoaxes.How Stuff Works reports that stories of Halloween candy being tainted with poison, razor blades and glass have been circulating for decades. But there have been some genuine incidents. The most famous was in 1974, when Texan optician Robert O’Bryan killed his eight-year-old Timothy when he distributed his five children cyanide-laden treats. O’Bryan was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the horrific crime.Another event in 2000 saw James Joseph Smith of Minneapolis charged with adultering a substance with intent to cause harm or death, when he put needles in candy bars and gave them out on Halloween.

Eating Kids’ Trick-Or-Treat Earnings

eating kids    trick or treat earnings © Twitter

It may not be brutal, gory or violent, but I’m sure it is emotionally damaging for those poor children who grafted so hard Trick-Or-Treating to fill their bags and pumpkin-shaped buckets with sugary treats.

Jimmy Kimmel set the challenge for parents to tell their children that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy. Crying and hilarity ensues.

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  1. masterblaster November 3, 2014 at 3:36 pm - Reply


    Why to ALLOW someone to take away your Freedom. Because some sell out to Political Correctness or ANTI CHRISTIAN movement does not mean you have to OBEY. The Guilt trip is all they hang their HATS on. I personally get off off on Shopping in my WASHINGTON REDSKINS NFL JERSEY and making it a point to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and twice if they don’t like it. They drive away in my oversize Yukon Denali anti climate change Beast.

    Its fun to stir up the Chickens in the coup called PC

  2. masterblaster November 3, 2014 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    Vote with your money on things like this. If a store wants to not acknowledge Christmas shop at one that does or don’t shop at all shop online etc. You have to make your own statements.

    I agree This ridiculous holiday has been twisted and perverted from it roots to accommodate and is now just another format for Devils and Evil to be expressed. This was always for kids and now has been hijacked for the low level information population to run wild immature and down right stupid.

    We don’t partisipate or support it at all anymore Lights are always in blackout at our place on that night

  3. Dennis November 2, 2014 at 1:41 am - Reply

    Personally, I think Hallowe’en madness is out of control. The true meaning of Hallowe’en is lost. Zombies, Drac, Frankenstein, etc., are not true Hallowe’en icons. Adults seem to have hijacked Hallowe’en. Gruesome tricks such as those depicted here are not Hallowe’en activities. Some people create huge Hallowe’en displays on their lawns and in their houses, often quite gruesome. I almost walked out of a local big store yesterday when a produce clerk showed up with fake blood all over his face and head. A few weeks from now the annual tirade against Christmas will start with the banning of traditional Christmas songs and carols in favour of the mewling, saccharin Christmas songs. We are not allowed to say “Merry Christmas,” so why are we allowed to say “Happy Hallowe’en,” which is antithetical to Christmas spirit and intent. Is it OK to hurt the feelings of immigrants with guts and gore, what many of them have escaped in their homelands, but not to express feelings of peace and love by wishing them and everyone else “Merry Christmas?” “Happy Holidays” just does not do it.

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