Has World War 3 Already Begun?


Is World War 3 already begun ? World War III was expected to happen for over a century . Conspiracy theorists have predicted a surprisingly detailed …


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  1. Israel and her neighbors fight…that's not good for anyone. That's a sign of the end of the world. 

  2. Will Ranger says:

    As long as the United States keep its Nukes, and the American citizens keep their guns. I guarantee that whoever we go to war with doesn't take our land without losing millions of their people.

  3. Hassan Nabih says:

    The US will be involved??! More like theyre thr cause and conducters of it all. 

  4. Mr Derp says:

    at 1:47 , well that escalated fast! :O

  5. "I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein. Implying that the world would be decimated by  nukes so bad there will be nothing to fight with for world war 4.

  6. Rex 20029 says:

    It has begun beacaus of the fucking extremists

  7. For +Alex Black,
    WWI – The British Empire
    WWII – The American Empire
    WWIII – The Capitalist Empire Of America

  8. WWIII was the cold war WWIIII is the war against terror, like if you agree or just think I'm sexy

  9. AQWVdrop says:

    Is it Illooooominaty cunfirmed!!?!

  10. See I feel like sitting on top of all this success since WWII, and even beating out the Soviets leaving us as the top dog on the block …. There's no way we didn't invest more in our security at the top of the mountain. I think the West is waging a disinformation campaign designed to make it look weak so that nations in the east get ballsy enough to drag us into a war. Like 9/11, except with Russia and China and not the Taliban. And I think we're ready to crush the world under our boot. I could be wrong but… most of the world records the USA set were from the 1960's, a lot still haven't been broken. So in a sense, we're at least 50 years ahead of the rest of the world. Exponential progression of technology says that's a big fucking deal. And considering NOT that our military is "bigger than the next 10 blah blah fuckin blah" but instead comparing the R&D portion in constant dollars to the budgets of other nations … Tells me that yeah we're good to go. We wouldn't be in the middle east "going broke" if it didn't benefit us somehow. Even if it was just a few at the top, at the end of the day they still play for Team America so … you better pay the man or those fuckers will take you out. The biggest dogs on the block don't HAVE names. They're invisible. And can kill all the biggest dogs we know about. How deep the rabbit hole goes is endlessly fascinating to me … Who knows? All I know is there's one big, BADDDDDDDDDD motherfucker sitting at the top of it all.

  11. Mary jane says:

    illuminati confirmed in 2090

    but seriously it's already happening

  12. And the illuminati has done it. We are fucked :D

  13. pat says:

    Just like the fall of Rome, only this time we get to nuke each other and no one gets to be the Pope.

  14. John Hilde says:

    Why can't there be world peace :(

  15. Edin Hodzic says:

    Rich greedy people will start it for purposes of depopulation of the planet.

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