Have We Slain the Beast? Or Is the Global Warming Hoax Still Alive?


Bernie Suarez

Start with a desired agenda, make a claim and then work your way backwards to make the reality fit the claims. This has been the strategic sequence of logic that drives and has driven the global warming movement – rebranded ‘climate change’ – over the last 4 years at least in part when evidence surfaced that IPCC officials were caught discussing ways to “hide the decline” they were seeing in global temperatures.

Have We Slain the Beast Or Is the Global Warming Hoax Still Alive

What we are seeing since the early 1990s is a chess game between scientists who genuinely want to do their work and be true to the science and those who genuinely are committed to their political agenda. They ignored that NASA’s very own sun studies show that the sun is the predominant determinant of global temperatures. They’ve ignored the massive effect the ocean has on global temperatures. They (the International Panel of Climate Change or IPCC) ducked and dodged the issues one after another just like other government “scientific” panels have done in the past.

Consider the government body – National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST – providing the computer model ‘science’ that was supposed to explain how 3 massive towers can self-destruct at freefall speed violating Newton’s Law, the Law of Conservation of Momentum and the Laws of Thermodynamic). The parallels are very clear if you look close enough.

With the globalist agenda for global domination out in the open and understandable to increasingly more people around the planet willing to face reality and think independently and critically, the climate change religion has now hit yet another bump in the road. To anyone who is focused on simply getting it right, someone humble and willing to follow the evidence and the facts wherever it leads; or as Al Gore has stated, to anyone willing to see the “inconvenient truth”, this new revelation should be more than enough to finally put the argument that the earth is warming to rest. However, to those still holding on to their personal belief system, the religion continues. But since the latest evidence that much of the Atlantic northern hemisphere is practically covered in ice and that global temperatures have NOT risen in the last 15 years, this belief system is now forced to take yet another turn.

If the movement didn’t dig deep to fight back in this psychological chess game of scientific lies versus scientific integrity the movement would and could be declared clinically dead as of this moment. However, the forces who created this movement don’t appear to be done yet as evidence has leaked and been revealed to the Associated Press that individuals including some in the U.S., Germany, Belgium and Hungary are fighting to have language in a soon to be released IPCC report, altered to hide that global warming is not happening.

Despite the established evidence proving global warming to be a lie, IPCC is pushing forward with claims that the lack of warming is nothing more than a “pause” in the global warming process. This single move is a cry of desperation from a dying movement as if to say ‘we are prepared to fabricate any claims regardless of the facts’. This devastating blow to the movement has not shaken but instead strengthened IPC C claims to confidence level that HUMAN produced CO2 is the cause of the global warming, yes the same global warming we can’t see for the last 15 years. Their confidence level? A whopping 95%!

Despite the fact that in science (which is dictated by the scientific method) and statistics, a claim of 95% confidence is expected to be backed by reliable, valid, reproducible and transparent peer-reviewed data and evidence, IPCC nonetheless plans to release their report which blatantly refutes the apparent evidence. How can a so-called scientific body completely ignore the integrity of science and make artificial non-scientific politically based claims and get away with it? Because politics is driving this agenda. Amazingly, political figures and mouthpieces are lining up and calling a previously unscheduled meeting to discuss later this month what will or should be revealed in the latest IPCC report. Don’t you love government science?

When we finally realize that this climate religion was designed to set up a global “sustainability” and responsibility awareness that was ultimately designed to control and penalize every living human on the planet who contributes to the violation of the earth; that is when we will give ourselves a chance to put an end to this lie by taking proper steps to educate the public about the history of this movement and why it died.

This is the reason for the focus on CO2 which we know factually is one of the natural and necessary gases that essentially runs the planet earth. Can a natural and necessary gas needed by plants and the planet be ‘natural and necessary’ AND a ‘pollutant’? Is Mother Nature a mistake? Given that we know that by far most of the CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the ocean and volcanoes why are global government IPCC scientists still insisting that humans (anthropogenic CO2) are the cause of warming? Why did the experiments claimed by the movement, in an attempt to reproduce CO2’s relationship to temperature increase show fraudulent techniques exposed by simple video analyses? Why do historic temperature and CO2 graphs show that CO2 FOLLOWS temperature not the other way around? These and many other problems have plagued the tired and weary movement but has not stopped it.

Will the beast finally be slain with these latest revelations? Will humanity stand by and watch a climate religion stand by and do nothing as the planet freezes? When will the IPCC, Al Gore and all the elders of the religion finally give it up? When will we begin to address the reality of an entire northern hemisphere expanding with record ice? Who at IPCC will spin together the global government logic to explain away the lack of warming proof? Will this spin be the main topic of discussion in the next few weeks? Will members of IPCC be threatened, intimidated if they don’t play along fully with the global warming story? Who will reach out to those whose boats, yachts and vessels are now stuck in the North Atlantic due to ice? Will the left wingers tune them out, too, like they’ve tuned out all the Obama crimes? This and many other questions will hopefully be answered soon.

We can only hope that this may be the final time the global warming movement dies. We can only hope they will not apply for another name change and not pay off more scientists to push their political agenda. A movement that has already seen the likes of Al Gore sued by over 30,000 scientist and has scoffed at the facts and whistleblower claims exposing their erroneous claims and long-term agenda, would seem like a movement prepared to deny every form of reality. This is of great concern for humanity but let us all remember that this global warming movement changed its name for a reason and the agenda is very fixed in the minds of those who created it and have kept it alive for over 2 decades.

Let us hope something truly positive comes out of this and humanity and those in the higher levels of government can truly do something to expose this lie by beginning the process of defunding, decommissioning, and dismantling this movement once and for all and start focusing on true climate change which is being engineered by secret operations which include but is likely not limited to the deployment of aircrafts spraying our skies literally every single day all over America.

Let’s remember that this all began with the false claim that humans specifically were the CO2 producing problem. By staying focused on this original argument, we (those that seek to expose this carbon tax, and global control of human activity agenda) will give ourselves and the rest of humanity a fighting chance that we can bury this lie once and for all. Do we care about the planet? We all do, and that is why so many of us have been fighting for years to expose the illegal spraying of our skies and the contamination of our environment by the very same entities that cry climate change. We observe that the climate change movement makes little to no effort to expose the geoengineering contribution to the changes going on in our planet.

Since the sun is the predominant determinant of global temperatures, why are the climate change activists not upset about the global dimming and stripping away of sunlight being caused by the chemtrails being sprayed? If those that subscribe to the ‘contrails’ pseudo-science truly believed that planes can normally emit exhaust that mixes with atmospheric air under certain conditions (even 90 -100 degrees and dry) to make ice crystal that they call ‘contrails’, then why would there not be an outrage from the ‘contrails’ people for changing how planes fly or unleashing teams of investigators to determine how to save the planet by eliminating contrails? This effort I assure you is not happening and contrails are very rare if they occur at all. If and when they do occur they disappear immediately, they do NOT linger and expand to form a haze of chemical clouds that are now blocking sunlight globally and seemingly pushing the planet into global cooling and perhaps another ice age.

Finally, was pushing us into an ice age the plan? How ironic that David Keith spoke about geoengineering to solve global warming and how easy it would be to push us into an ice age with a good spraying program because it’s so “cheap”.


Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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  1. FYI, if “global warming” were happening (and it isn’t), the increased temperature would cause INCREASED EVAPORATION OF SEA WATER. This, in turn, would result in INCREASED PRECIPITATION WORLDWIDE, INCLUDING AT THE POLES. At the poles (FYI) this increased precipitation takes the form of SNOW, which ACCUMULATES INTO SNOWMASS, which in turn becomes ICE. DUH!!!!
    While we’re at it, IF the polar ice caps were to melt, the worldwide sea levels would FALL, not rise! WHY? Because ICE, being LESS DENSE than seawater (which is why IT FLOATS – DUH!!), displaces its WEIGHT while it is ICE, but when it melts, it only displaces its VOLUME, which is LESS THAN its weight. ERGO, the volume of the seas would DIMINISH, not increase, Q.E.D.
    Are you impressed? Let’s hear it for high school physics!!!!

  2. The Great Ballzack states for the record that global warming is no hoax ! Wake up.

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