[HD]UFO Lands In China!!! Unbelievable UFO Sighting!!!


My Chinese buddy gave me this movie. On the lookout for aliens. It is really just one of the fantastic queries of the age : in which are all the aliens?
We have been wanting for them considering that the Sixties and we’ve observed practically nothing. But now we uncover them!!!

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UFO Lands In China!!! 2014 Unbelievable UFO Sighting!!!


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  1. manish kirar says:

    it's a fake Chinese video….

  2. Jeromy P says:

    hahahahahahah……………… :-))

  3. Did anybody notice that I am Chinese

  4. ψέματα λετε

  5. Casy Rios says:

    go to area 51 it is so cool

  6. Casy Rios says:

    its all of area 51

  7. Diva Queen says:

    I'm sleeping I'm sleeping

  8. this alien must know my grandma…she will give him some food …and some clothes too

  9. Sai Madhu says:

    thankyou for this video.

  10. Samved Iyer says:

    Of course. That damned craft was flying so nicely and your air force was chilling with roast chicken.

  11. A Far says:

    It seems fake

  12. Let me spell this out for u F A K E

  13. Nick Grundy says:

    What makes me laugh the most about sceptics, is that they don't seem to realize that the stories they come up with, to dismiss phenomena they think is ridiculous, are about fifty times more ridiculous than the phenomena they're trying to dismiss.

  14. MrWitsco says:

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt – if it is real – you captured it very well — with any viruses developing or development of beings on other planets in other solar systems – they developed themselves and the technology to bring themselves to our planet – they are the way they look – they come here to see how we developed – they could be science expeditions coming from other galaxies to ours to investigate how our development has progressed. Were the destroyers, they are the explorers – I do not know why the man who was filming this video did not give the video camera to the two women, tell them to run back to the car and get the authorities, while the men would be making welcoming gestures to the alien. The craft looked more like a single scout ship. The alien would've been more afraid of us – got back into the ship – activate it's distortion field and would've been out of there in a split second. If it's a fake – its a good fake.

  15. Sohaya Alawi says:

    For all the haters dont ignore it play it agian when they zoom the camera they caught a alien sighting

  16. lemdent says:

    Made in china

  17. When we have a true UFO ??? Stop and FUCK OFF all UFO FAKE !!!

  18. True Science-Fiction and True FAKE UFO

  19. cool CGI! I absolutely believe in ufos but not that much! 🙂

  20. Rowdy Mixers says:

    this Fake Video Like you This Is Cause of Comp. graphics

  21. ANDRE stabel says:

    Oh boy……This is a Chinese new toy to spy Immigrants heading to US . They r testing it flight. lolll

  22. ksander says:

    maybe Mia has Ufos at home.

  23. oh no the aliens just found more of their kind there

  24. LOLWTF673 says:

    it landed in china
    so its bullshit and fake

  25. Superbro2525 says:

    First it's I am Miaya from Japan. Welcome to subscribe my channel. Then it's Please Vote my video. How to you vote a video, I want to know? Lol.


  27. Fake fake animated so hardly done so ????hahahaha I'm being so sarcastic

  28. our space brothers;)

  29. SAN says:


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