Healthless Hillary Clinton’s Final Push For New World Order Domination


This is it, individuals. Shillary’s loyal media stores, and her tireless patron Girl Rothschild (of the secretive trillionaire Rothschild banking clan), are performing their ideal to protected the Presidency. More powerful Collectively. Yet rebel forces, led by a persistent Donald Trump, make a convincing situation that a distinct environment is achievable. Some on the AltLeft are even intrigued by Mr. Trump’s honesty and sensitivity to minority legal rights issues. So, who will gain? The Empire, financed by rich elites and supported by impressive media stores, or the Rebel Alliance – with its boisterous leader Mr. Trump and its sea of always awake, ‘woke’ or at minimum drunk on great whisky on-line supporters. Time will convey to…

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  1. Mike Bond says:

    You say that your recent issues when speaking are probably a result from lack of sleep, but that's clearly pure propaganda. It's clear to anyone paying attention that you are suffering a severe neurological disorder of some kind, and it's having a catastrophic affect on your ability to speak. Both you and Hillary Clinton should seek immediate medical attention.

  2. Truth Teller! Finally a place where the truth about what's really happening in America is not getting twisted. Just went on a road trip that included visiting parts of Idaho, South Dakota and Wyoming. Saw lots of poverty and lack of opportunity. So sad. We need to change things in this country for Americans! That's why we need to vote Trump!

  3. Dude Slick says:

    At 4:14 Wrong!!! That bias has always been there. It is just being ramped up to a level that those who have spent their lives lying to themselves can't deny it. it's that blatant.

  4. guss whu says:

    Tim Caine is also pro TPP… he's our enemy.

  5. guss whu says:

    Do you miss Huffington yet? Welcome out.

  6. Cc Hh says:

    TRUMP 2016 !!! doing gods work david, keep it up!

  7. You need to be careful what is in your water, your food and even the air you are breathing where you live….put nothing past these people if they want you, they will get to you, so please be careful.

  8. Crystal Soto says:

    Go else where to sleep… Try not being alone when you sleep lol you're freaking me out for you!

  9. Crystal Soto says:

    WE ALL NEED SLEEP!!!! No matter what time please get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep, smoke a joint (indica) and just read a book about something else get away from this world and into another!!!!

  10. Google is against you now too. When I search for or watch your videos I get all kinds of conspiracy theory vids.

  11. KING Copper says:


  12. Dana Rosales says:

    A great show. Thank you.

  13. Wow, you have made an astounding transformation in just a week from Huff Post acolyte to free thinker. Congrats…

  14. Sue Woods says:

    compumatrix, compuceeds crypto-currency

  15. because khadafi was gonna start a new global currency away from the dollar. it was going to be a gold based currency called the dinali I think.

  16. Koyle saw that the US President would die in office just a while after the mine came in. He saw them look up and down the country everywhere to try to find a man to take his place and they would not be able to find one and the nation wandered in chaos. That's how bad it will get.
    He was shown that a Republican Administration would made great efforts to save the economy. He also said prices would go higher and higher and all at once something happened and in one night the props would be knocked out from under everything and down would come everything.

    Koyle foresaw the Republican victory of 1928 but stated that the man riding the donkey would win in 1932 and continue to win, establishing an unprecedented record of successive victories at the pools. During this time the elephant would become sick and unable to regain its feet. One attempt after another would be made until eventually, after many years, the elephant would rise to its feet and remain on them for a number of years, but would then go down and the country with it. There would then follow an unprecedented period of war, confusion, turmoil, and national disaster.

  18. Jill Stein's got my vote. I want to see her debate Hillary and Trump. I'd love to see that happen.

  19. You'd be surprised just how well known the 'foreign trillionaire family' is.. I think whats lesser known, or at least hard for people to accept, is that they're all satan-worshipers and into some very, very distasteful and illegal behaviours – no wonder the Clintons and their ilk believe laws don't apply to them, only to 'the little people' as they all refer to us at Bohemian Grove and other sinister Satanic-ritual places.. I applaud you for going to these places that many others wouldn't – expect to be criticised and character-assassinated for it though!! There is more than enough evidence to conclude that the Jesuit Tim Kaine is just as much in their pocket as with most politicians actually.. Regarding the UN, they're 'owned' by the Rothschilds also along with the IMF and the EU – I have no doubt whatsoever that crypto-currency has a lot to do with that, so where's that going to leave investors and proponents of bit-coin and the like David?? I would have thought more people would be up in arms about the UN getting control of ICANN also, it may be a case of people not fully understanding the enormity of it, a case of 'not realising what you had until its gone' scenario..

  20. Pat Hacker says:

    Hillary is unwell, and even her own staff admit she confused a lot of the time.

  21. Ali Roger says:

    D.G. Semen, take your meds. Your paranoia and conspiracy theories is all to obviously pathological.

  22. Wheres does George Soros figure into this grand sinister scheme?

  23. NB Davis says:

    I am a normal person (retired professor). I used to consider CNN fairly unbiased, MSNBC left and FOX slightly right. Around 4 years ago I noticed CNN moving left. Then around when Trump got into the election, I saw even Fox be negative toward him in a way that surprised me (first question by Megan would be an example). I am glad to have found you as you confirm what I have observed myself. I am an independent who voted mostly Democrat up until the 2000s. I think the Bushes and Clintons are both bought off.

  24. Need to hang a curtain or some type of sound deadening material in the background.
    This may take care of audio echo and provide a uniform backdrop.

  25. Reuters is owned by Rothschild.
    Dominating and forming all news.
    They have part in the rest

  26. Lisa Tsuda says:


  27. David, Every video I watch of your they always start with an excuse or Hey lets wait for more people to get here. Please edit this out as its very boring.

  28. William Sell says:

    Trump isn't a member of the club. I can't understand why people don't "get it". America's fucked. I wouldn't be surprised if immediately after the election the shit hits the fan and the trons go bonkers and cause the country to descend into utter chaos and violence.

  29. MrsGondee says:

    David, get some time outside the house relaxing. Put things in perspective man. You have been getting more and more extreme on the questionable conspiracy stuff. Like trillionare family, common mane. I have heard realistic estimates that the entire family is worth about 500 billion, but its split SO many ways.

  30. Stepnort says:

    It's so ironic Mainstream media accuses you and others of Conspiracy around Hillarys health when they are the media mafia conspiracy Itself!

  31. vamarelo1 says:

    If your brain is in a fog you need to be hydrated drink 3-4 litres of water per day,the brain runs on glucose so make sure your getting plenty of fruits and veggies every day or else you will end up getting sick.

  32. I am really glad to hear you mention crypto and the UN I get a bad feeling they are gonna squash it. they want us under their thumb period. they will kill us. to the elite we are a commodity and we can not get out of line or free. we are in real trouble with the net going to the UN I was not that afraid till I heard that. they know with out the web We the People will have a much harder time commuicating. what can be done peacefully?

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