Hearts of Iron 3 – Cold War Ignites Doomsday World War 3 1950 Timelapse


underwrite new timelapse videos and play every week ! And ‘ Tuesday Doomsday ! Here is a timelapse of Hearts of Iron 3 running of the Cold War in which …


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  1. Ian Conrad says:

    Great job as always!

  2. What mod were you using? 
    Also, the boarders of DDR are quite incorrect…
    Either way, this is porbably my favorite timelapse yet.

  3. MacDiii says:

    Damn, a flock of bald eagles flew past my window in the colours of red white and blue. And I'm British. The freedom! It's too much! 
    Srs though, good lapse :3

  4. sauron lord says:

    i fucking hate the ones where america wins

  5. squares4u says:

    And Greece snakes upwards with those crazy borders… I just love it

  6. in real life,ussr had 18 million soldiers ready,6 million at german border,the alies would have lost because of simply the outnumber

  7. Why was Yugoslavia not communist?

  8. Andy says:

    What happened on the Asian front? The allies didn't even need to reach Moscow.

  9. ASCG5000 says:

    I love it how Greece basically single-handedly halted the Communist invasion southwards :D

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