Hearts of Iron 3 | World War 1 mod | German Empire | Part 1 | The Central Powers



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  1. Mediba r says:

    how can you successfully play it. i tried doing everything but when i play it. it wont work. tell us how you did it so we can play this magnificent mod.

  2. I have played this mod and I can tell you its not weary fun, because you don't have any IC to make stuff.In my russian game i didn't have enough IC to make supplies so I had no org.
    But in my german game i had just the starting army and then i just held the french border steam-rolled russia.(because they had no supplies so no org)
    If the mod makers added more IC to all nations it would be way more fun.

  3. This mod isn't very good. It's super imbalanced. If you play as the USA, the war never lasts long enough for you to actually join. Also, after the Russian revolution. White Russia beats Red Russia 100% of the time.

  4. MagIsTr1X says:

    i bet you beat france and russia before 1916

  5. StellWair says:

    Awesome, very excited for this playthrough.

  6. Alan Brian says:

    Actually it was the other way around, the Germans hoped to take out France in a couple weeks with the Schlieffen Plan, pray the UK wouldn't join, the hold back thee Russians while they negotiated peace talks.

  7. Nostroo says:

    Does anyone know some more good mods than Black ICE and WWI for HoI3?

  8. Been looking forward to this! Hopefully you don't fall into the same mistakes as the historical German Empire. Don't let Austria-Hungary drag you into terrible choices. As an aside, and because you'll likely need to say the name several times over the series, "Qing" is pronounced "Ching." Q's are said like ch in Chinese.

  9. Bill Hackler says:

    you could actually get the US to join you

  10. the other cruisers are meat shields aka escorts pls don't scuttle them all XD

  11. make taet ww2 will naver hacoor

  12. TheAutist says:

    are you going to follow the von schlieffen plan?

  13. You must be the only American who knows were Portugal Is!! Congrats! Ahaha

  14. Jackson says:


  15. SS-Marshall says:

    when i play this it crashes after like 2 minutes of playing 🙁 any help?

  16. Madduzzz says:

    how did you make it 1920x1080p when ever i change it in my options it says restart the game, I proceed to restart the game and it reverts back to the default resolution.


  18. eisssi says:

    Protip: Keep units at the borders of italy, serbia and romania as austira wont do that

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