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  1. dagit wel i guess i have second, great episode as ussual

  2. Resardiv says:

    I'm worried for your fleet, that you'll not be able to produce new ships at the same rate as they are destroyed.

  3. Ben, your voice level is pretty low compared to the background music.

  4. MrGosh says:

    8:18 that was not nice….had to clean my monitor. xD

  5. den anda says:

    Don't you automaticly loose if you don't beat france before november 11 1918?

  6. Those afghan units are actually being historically accurate because no one has conquered Afghanistan except the mongols

  7. terex80 says:

    You should add western Russia as a wargoal, will get all the rightful lebensraum from Austria-Hungary 🙂 keep up this great series

  8. AmerAm says:

    what happened to your east asia fleet you left them in iraqi porst and forgot about them let them go raid the proud sms emden is not meant to rott in port

  9. you keep calling the Austro-Hungarians the Ottomans

  10. Rax Savvage says:

    these peeps camp yo channel man, damn.

  11. The naval engagements were a bit more costly this time around, but the British vessels sunk were some massive and modern ships indeed.
    Germany lost: 5 light cruisers, 1 armored cruiser, 9 pre-dreadnoughts. …15 ships… 9 capital.
    The Allies lost: 1 protected cruiser, 2 light cruisers, 3 armored cruisers, 8 pre-dreadnoughts, 5 dreadnoughts. …19 ships… 13 capital.
    This brings the Allied tally to: 2 torpedo boats, 4 subs, 33 destroyers, 79 protected cruisers, 17 light cruisers, 79 armored cruisers, 1 battle cruiser, 82 pre-dreadnoughts, and 17 dreadnoughts. …314 ships …100 capital.

  12. Eduard Zubo says:

    When you are putting on Wargoals, can you put on multiple Acquire territory in 1 batch? You know, select one, than press acquire territory and again..

  13. The flag of Afghanistan is historically accurate for the time

  14. Episode 11: Operation: Eat an Entire Buffet of Prussian Dicks
    This episode saw a bit of give and take, but generally speaking, the Germans did very well for themselves. The Russian front continued to have a little give and take, but mostly was the Russians going backwards… even with the presence of the dreaded Afghani mountain legions. The Serbian front has started to march backwards. The Central Powers are starting to make some headway into proper Serbian territory without so much German interference or action needed.
    British forces has gobbled up the Arabian Peninsula. The French forces that invaded Libya from the west were given a proper thump on the nose and sent back. The regional army is moving into position to press Ducal claims in the region ala CK2.
    Italy… crickets… French border… quiet as can be.
    The main two elements of this episode were the naval combats and the Netherlands. The navy fights have started to turn a little more even even though the British still took very solid losses. The German fleet is starting to run a little lean on depth and size. Still.. they held the shoreline and prevented the relief and evacuation of troops from the mainland. They get a crucial contribution medal.
    The land fight for the remainder of the Netherlands was spectacular. 4 separate elements of huge stacks and large battles were overrun and destroyed by the German advance. Unlike the Russian pocket, these troops were all at top numbers and not whittled down by supply attrition. The total number of surrenders across all of the Netherlands is 345,495 men. A glorious kill that removed all of the Belgian and Netherlands armies as well as a good dozen French ones too.
    There were 63 battles.
    Losses were: Allies (with surrender): 360,495 and German: 9,200 … that is a ratio of over 39-1 … ouch.
    Campaign totals are: Allies: 679,999 and German: 89,677.

    Oh yeah.. and those 20 divisions of Germans up in the Low Countries are now streaming down into position all along the French positions. Pray France… pray.

  15. NRL | Kubica says:

    I'm pretty sure Dreadnought was actually a class of ship emulating the style of the British ship "Dreadnought" obviously as a precursor to actual battleships, I could be wrong though shrug

  16. I can't imagine who would dislike this episode considering the one-sided victory bloodbath the Germans are having. : /

  17. Still calling Austria-Hungary Ottomans

  18. warspite1995 says:

    Glad to see that the Warspite sold its life dearly for a high price in german shipping.

  19. Ivan Matias says:

    your intro is missing mate!

  20. Pagan Lord says:

    Tulips Ben! Tulips! God dammit! Who is going to give the world tulips now that you got rid of Netherlands??

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