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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod! Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot! Subscribe: …


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  1. You pronounced "Kaunas" so bad, my ears are bleeding.

  2. Benjamin you killed off the Ottoman empire so idk how they are gonna do anything

  3. Samsid says:

    To change controller, type in tdbg. Then mouse over a provice, look at the id. I think it is changecontroller GER to make you the occupyer, and changeowner to make you the owner of the province

  4. I wonder if sending a couple divisions to the Italy/France border and making a few probing attacks, if Italy may actually get off it's duff and start pressing the French.

  5. Your saving grace is the fact that GB has thus far sat on the sidelines (beside getting their ships blown up). I'm frankly amazed they haven't made landfall somewhere. The BEF not being a force skews this all a bit.

  6. the original Russian revolution happend in March even though it was called the February revolution and then in the October revolution that really happend in November the reds took control.

  7. I like the way that the doom stack started out with 9-3 stats and now it has 3-2 xD

  8. I wonder if the russians have enough divisions to defend themselves seeing as most of the line only has 1-3 divisions

  9. kane carlile says:

    Jeez, France is so vulnerable to any offensives in the Ardennes

  10. erdem k says:

    When you take controll of a territory that is not linked to your capital by land is not going to get supplies not even if it is linked by ally lands.So those serbian territories won't get supplies and you'll run out of supplies if you don't capture the ports

  11. Wiior Gaming says:

    1917 is the Russian civil war!

  12. Wiior Gaming says:

    The born of Soviet Union!

  13. When hearts of iron 4 is out will you do a series on it? Like world war Wednesday.

  14. Is Ben close to St.Petersburg?

  15. mark homer says:

    Hes doing better than the Kaiser, he might actually take the entire map at this rate!

  16. Kdawg 244 says:

    Saw a ww1 mod playtrough on another channel and he hammered france then russia only difference was he had 4 million men on french border and 6 on russian border. Curious ben how many you go at the moment?

  17. 19:38 that Division is called "5. Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Division", which basically means the 5th Royal Bavarian Reserve-Division.

  18. Legat IV says:

    1918 the great October Revolution , my great grandfather was dead during the fight with fuckin reds

  19. Wait !! been watching the series from the begining . one question i have Where is the British i know there navy is wiped out but come on the channel is like nothing to cross why the british are remaining out of the war ?

  20. You might check Scapaflow for the Royal Navy. They might be biding ships the try to take back control of the seas

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