Hearts of Iron 3 | World War 1 mod | German Empire | Part 17 | Capture of St. Petersburg


Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod! Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot! Subscribe: …


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  1. you made that same mistake in your German black ice campaign you should load as Italy and expedition them to you the only problem is upgrade but the are mostly free units

  2. First St. Petersburg Next stop, Paris

  3. This is gonna be like a 35 part series at this rate e

  4. Legat IV says:

    Glory German Empire!)))00)0)))00)))00))))

  5. Kdawg 244 says:

    Ben go crazy with it you sound like your having fun with this one

  6. Can hou conquer the Swiss land?

  7. MagIsTr1X says:

    well seems like i was right with guessing this war wouldnt last longer than 1916…well not count britain an us in but after conquering europe thats just a formality

    maybe do some us bice campaign next? havent seen much naval combat in bice yet and im enjoying difficult bice much more than any vanilla/vanilla kind difficulty mods hoi3

    if you keep the pace you could probably do all major powers in hoi3 vanilla till hoi4 release and id much rather see another bice you know just my opinion

  8. SANTI21-51 says:

    Just go crazy. Take ALL of Europe. And Africa.

  9. Ben, you should try to conquer all the countries (except for your allies) with all the time you have left

  10. I'm sure France will fall in the next episode

  11. after this series are you going to do an Enténte power next?

  12. Benjamin can you attack the new soviet union ???

  13. Spartan ball says:

    get crazy with zis

  14. Don't forget to show how the AI is doing against the odds and ends in your new lands, and how is AH doing with Greece.  The primary key to this win was getting Italy in the Central Powers. That put up to 6 Million men on the French border keeping them tied up, instead of hitting AH.  So Germany and AH could overwhelm the Russians.  Beautiful.

  15. katten elvis says:

    Great! now the war will be over by Christmas

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