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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod! Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot! Subscribe: …


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  1. The germans actually made it as far as France along the river Somme, by Lille and by Verdun.

  2. Leo Hsieh says:

    Is it possible to do like multiple players playing the same country with this mod? It would be great if there is someone looking at the russian front and focus on both fronts.

  3. Hi Cow says:

    Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backward sentences saying how crazy it is.

  4. First like then watch :D

  5. mrKaasa says:

    The link in the description to the mod is not the most up to date version (0.95 as opposed to 1.0) here is the link to the newest version https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/ww1-mod-1-0-going-over-the-top-download-install.876374/

  6. Ben the threat in the diplo screen isn't referring to that country's threat but another country threat against them. Also what version of the game are you running ?

  7. The naval stuff was so overwhelmingly huge that it is getting its own mention apart from the episode. All of the naval action is just an endless series of Rocky style knockout punches round after round. I have never seen so much carnage packed into such a short span of time.
    German losses were: 1 sub, 6 destroyers, 11 cruisers, 8 armored cruisers, 2 pre-dreadnoughts… 28 ships.
    Allied losses were: 10 destroyers, 36 cruisers, 27 armored cruisers, 17 pre-dreadnoughts, 2 dreadnoughts, 8 battleships… 100 ships.

  8. Episode 7: Operation: 100+ Ships Get Upgraded to Coral Reef Status
    This episode was just filthy with naval engagements. I gave it its own mention aside from this. This just deals with all of that boring land stuff. Africa… boring. Egypt… more desert claimed. Turkey… pretty quiet. Just one small kerfuffle-ish battle at the end. Italy… bastards. Serbia… rolling over Austria like a runaway game of Plague Evolved. France made a modest breakthrough along the Netherlands line into Germany. Luxembourg was taken once people could find it on a map. Rebels in Turkey… but when aren't there rebels in Turkey?… IKR?! More artillery was finished. Diplomatic pressure was put against Bulgaria to join the team… as if the border gore in the Balkans wasn't bad enough.
    The real meat of this episode really was down to 2 things:
    1. A nice solid struggle and push into the Belgian heart messed up only by so many rivers… and… you know… half a million French. Pesky devils.
    2. A rather nicely executed pinch against the Russian salient in the east. Too many Russians and not enough Germans to pull it off… but almost pulling it off is what has almost happened. Bravo. Warsaw was secured along the way.
    There were 64 battles
    Losses were: Allies: 16,879 and German: 8,645
    Campaign totals are: Allies: 37,683 and German: 23,147
    A mere 60,000 dead after all this time. This war is almost a dainty and civil tea party in comparison to the gore of the WW2 body counts.

  9. Yuvaez says:

    When the war was at a stalemate the Germans occupied all of Belgium besides parts of what is Kortrijk and Brugge in HOI3

  10. At 16:40 there is hms Isis

  11. MrZergswarm says:

    haha Ben You are so wrong when you were talking about how far germany got. They got on the outskirts of Ypres. And that is close to the french border I think like 5% was still helded and that thanks to civilians for opening the channel gate so the area became fludded.

  12. Sven O says:

    Benjamin quick question. I don't seem to have the "thf" folder. I have the mod folder but no "thf" folder. If I place the WW1 mod in the mod folder I am able to select WW1 whilst starting up the game but in the game I do not have that starting date.

  13. Make sure to replace the ships you've lost. You may be wiping the floor with the allies navies now but when America gets involved you're going to need every ship you can get. Great series btw always entertaining.

  14. Damn, Luxembourg

  15. Aaron Gimmel says:

    you need way more troops, unless you pull off a blitzkreig victory

  16. The Germans were 72 miles from Paris

  17. 20:24
    Ben you said Ottomans. I think you meant the Austro-Hungarians.

  18. Jpeez115 FIN says:

    dont yah do anything in africa?

  19. Harish Rajan says:

    hms indefatigable was sunk in jutland :p

  20. I bet British Naval Minister Winston Chrurchil just swallowed one of his Cigars in shock After the News about the Naval Front reached him

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