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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod! Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot! Subscribe: …


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  1. does giving missions to allies to take provinces work??

  2. den anda says:

    Ben, you can use instantproduction

  3. Eiersmijter says:

    …and you overrun my home again this episode. Good job, Kaiser Ben I.

  4. Morrigi192 says:

    Austria-Hungary is not the Ottoman Empire, Ben.

  5. will spohn says:

    Does this look like significantly harder than it really was in WW1?

  6. How do you make hearts of iron 3 free for all?

  7. Ben you know that there is a rebel group in turkey that was taking provinces from you since you took the Ottoman Empire Right??

  8. Benjamin you know that early Thomson SMG's were used very sparsely but they were there so a early mp-40 is no real surprise

  9. Adam Bartek says:

    You've got StG 44 in 1914 0:56??

  10. Ben did you know "The Great War" youtube channel?

  11. Did anyone had a flashback of the Brussels terrorist attack when he attacked Brussels

  12. Moredread25 says:

    In HOI2 I noticed that when the Low Countries had a connection to France they would let them run all their units, and thus would look French, but when they were separated they went back to their own flag. I suspect that's what happened here.
    Good luck with this game! I'm really excited to see how it plays out.

  13. I wonder what the Russian revolution will look like in this mod when it gets to that point

  14. silvercomic says:

    It might not be the worst thing that you've accidentally let some French divisions into the north of the Netherlands. Now you have more of them surrounded with their backs to the sea.

  15. can you name the first tanks the Gerczech division please

  16. Hey Smart one There the Austro-Hungriness you conquered the Ottoman's ya Derp. :3

  17. Can you not give the italians an objective

  18. Rabun says:

    You killed Von Moltke H. with the click of a button! How could you, Ben?

  19. erdem k says:

    You won't get the bulgaria to yourself because you did the espionage thing wrong.They need a threat higher than their neutrality(or their allignment).So by increasing threat you are increasing their own threat which doesn't do anything to them.You need to check diplomacy screen check which nation has the highest threat against them.Then go to espionage increase their threat.

    Their neutrality should be getting lower and lower because of war conditions so it may not be super important but just letting you know.

  20. At the start of the video, the French troops became an expiditionary army for Holland, and it will be that country's tile but the flag will be the troops orgin

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