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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. Matthew Hall says:

    Very few of your divisions seem to be reserves, that might be causing you all sorts of issues. Also what sought of leaders do you have in the politics tab since there might be one that reduces consumer good demand.

  2. Ben you need to hold on to Warsaw, Riga Kiev and St Petersburg to delay/prevent the Russian revolution.

  3. ZAZABOSS says:

    Damn that will be though.

  4. there can be revolts Espessialy in the rear of the empire, so extracting your millitias could be dangerouse!

  5. Yay! Just watch out for the Bolsheviks…

  6. Ben the ai didn't trade anything because it had no trading points or what ever they are called

  7. I think they go back to the manpower pool. So they are not starving to death, they are going AWOL to go home and get some food instead

  8. The strenght actually goes pack into the manpowerpool. Nobody is starving. And nobody is dying.

  9. Elsneakakaze says:

    round 2 hell yeah

  10. change law to consumer product orentation, it will half your consumer needs

  11. if you want to play with the zeppelin and stuff like that the Brits might be a good play

  12. Robert White says:

    You should have played as France.

  13. Trexmaster12 says:

    Russian Empire is the end of the beginning.

    Soviet Russia is the beginning of the end.

  14. I like the decision to play as Russia, but do you think the civil war will affect you or will you just let the communists win and become the USSR?

  15. NiceGaming says:

    ben take a look at the random hoi mod

  16. Kdawg 244 says:

    Wonder what happens if you make the Soviet Union in 1910

  17. Fedorable says:

    Time to free sone Russian minorities :D

  18. Link for mod please?

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