Hearts of Iron 3 | World War 1 mod | Russian Empire | Part 16 | Damn the French!


Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. Matthew Hall says:

    one of these days im going to count the number of times you say supplies

  2. AmerAm says:

    those french troops are probably the troops that were in Africa and they went to your lands once the ottomans fell so they walked all the from Algeria and tunis to go fight Germany on the Russian front

  3. MrGosh says:

    It is always the french`s fault! Always! xD

  4. kane carlile says:

    Why not attack Romania to try bypass those mountains in Ottogaria Ben, you do have alot of spair troops, plus Romania has oil.

  5. Moredread25 says:

    In HoI2 they had a cheat (fullcontrol) that let you command any unit. If France is annoying you that much you could use the equivalent and strategic redeploy those troops out of your way.

  6. play otor mods this is boring
    n,a ckomnist france

  7. slyfox43 says:

    …Just when I started to think myself, no one has said Blotslyfox! I'm free! I'm free! Nope… jinxed it for myself. #blotslyfox

  8. Well Ben I guess that you can think in the way that if the revolution comes then it will be in October 1917

  9. Moritz Bouge says:

    I think that this french are in ure land because the goal berlin u send maybe they think they can win easyier if they push over eastprussia (sry for my bad english im german)

  10. I believe the Russian revolution event doesn't fire off unless you're doing poorly (losing Riga, and Minsk etc) so if i'm correct the revolution will not start unless those events happen. However, even if you are losing extremely poorly and the February revolution event fires, it doesn't mean the end of the war, it simply means the establishment of the Russian Republic, and only if the situation gets worse from there a communist revolution will fire off, thus ending the war for you.

  11. Warsaw is the key for unity gain.  Remember what you lost when Warsaw fell.

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