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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. You have a lot of supplies (99999) you should stop the production of supplies in favour of upgrades

  2. Tiscotis A says:

    what are you gonna do next

  3. OK then… That didn't take long. What are you going to play next? LOL

  4. Do you plan a secondaary defence line? And Where?

  5. lufc4ps3 says:

    This should be easy- the Russians were on the mass offensive in 1914- it was only awful commanders that threw away millions of men that lost them the War. Benjamin wouldn't go do that now would he?

  6. Remember to position troops against the Ottomans.

  7. TheOwlninja says:

    just noticed it's OUR army

  8. Austria shit itself lol

  9. your troops are full divisions. they need to be reserves so that you spend less on maintenance and more on upgrades

  10. maybe not all of your divisions but majority need to be reserves and a bit full strength division

  11. WreXD0g says:

    you should not to leave warsaw to the enemy, because as war starts you will lose this negative strategic effect

  12. ykakutani says:

    Congrats Ben, you just won the game.
    Europe is saved from war!

  13. Matthew Hall says:

    So peace in our time then?

  14. Ben maybe you can use the cavalry to form a pocket in westerne prussia

  15. I mean easterne* xD

  16. ROFLMAO — The Austrians backed down and no WWI .. amazing

  17. madmaneddy says:

    Well this was an exciting playthrough :D

  18. You play v0.95 or v1.0?

  19. Mr. Wolf says:

    Wait till and then if you must, start a cold war

  20. TheDarkSider says:

    Congratulations, Ben, you just dodged world war 1!

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