Hearts of Iron 3 | World War 1 mod | Russian Empire | Part 5 | Reverse Schlieffen


Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. Joseph Black says:

    22:15 dat stacking penalty doe

  2. aced1592 says:

    So where is the new Magnus line going to be?

  3. ReichDoge says:

    Ben, did you ever completely lose a campaign and get a game over screen (in HOI 3)

  4. ReichDoge says:

    Can you please try Victoria 2 again ?

  5. Semt Oyunda says:

    This cities which make your unity down are your pupets capital cities

  6. Pray Italy to join the war as soon as possible.

  7. Ben, I have a idea. Make a non-agression pact with the Ottoman Empire. You can send then all your troops to fight against Austria-Hungary and Germany.

  8. you must defend Warsaw, is very important for you

  9. Moredread25 says:

    Nice start. Can you set objectives for France to maybe motivate them to attack?

  10. I think germany is op. The Russians in real life where not stupid or under supplied or where not effitient. They pushed the germans into Prussia and fucked the Austrians. The germans helped them that was the only reason they where alive but they could not help the Turkish which got fucked too.

  11. October revolution will be early if you retreat too much

  12. another depressing russian series

  13. kane carlile says:

    Ben even if you lose the war you you wont get fully annexed, you'll just lose ukraine and the baltics. So if that happens will you still play and try to stop (or help) the russian revolution in 1917 when it happens?

  14. yes, we already warn you like 2 episode ago or 3, but that's okay just a human thing

  15. MaxT- Rex says:

    well you are fucked…

  16. Omar Salazar says:

    I'm just trying to imagine how the Russian government felt when war wasn't declared immediately after a Franz Ferdinand's death.

    Russian General: Wait, that's it? we spent all this time preparing to kill those German Huns and their allies and nothing happens? FUUUUUU-

    Minister: We could always declare war on someone else…

    General: Fine…. this feels so anticlima-


    Across St.Petersburg cheering can be heard coming from the government buildings

    Can't wait for Russian Bear to kick some German/Austro-Hungarian ass!

  17. I'm terrible at this game, when I play as Germany in finest hour I get raped by France

  18. MLG DOGE says:


    in reality they joined the allies

  19. i know this is a weird question, but could you help me find some material on the internet that helps explain the BLACK ICE mod because i cant even beat France as Germany and im trying the schlieffen and everything, JUST SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

  20. make the second magnus line :D

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