Hearts of Iron 3 | World War 1 mod | Russian Empire | Part 8 | Italy, The Wildcard


Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. Ben call in the Cossacks

  2. Tiscotis A says:

    06:12 you got the losing music

  3. Riganthor says:

    Ben make some troops in preperation for the soviet revolution

  4. cjfields2550 says:

    lol ben doesn't understand reinforce chance

  5. kane carlile says:

    Dat Japan landing in Germany at 14:15, atleast you tried Japan

  6. MrSmarticles says:

    units with full organisation retreat because they don't have enough time to get out of reserve and on to the front

  7. AmerAm says:

    ben stop using entire stacks to support attack if it makes you lose all of you intrenchment

  8. isidor b. says:

    The Austro-Hungarian army is not Ottoman… Why you confuse them???

  9. Stop saying OTTOMAN!!!

  10. Iliavi says:

    Say lad I've been watching your videos for some time now I wanted to recommend a game I think you may like, called Men of war. It's not a grand strategy, but its quite cool regarding the equipment used during ww2. Also it doesn't follow a story throughout the series so you won't miss that much if you start with assult squad 2.

  11. I don't understand why you would build scout planes when you have 20 more divisions waiting on arty. : / 1 scout over build time equates to ~5 artillery.

  12. cough i never seen you edit you cough

  13. Matthew Hall says:

    So could you lure Serbia to join the war? And you have no idea how excited i am for Stellaris

  14. the japs landed in germany ahahahah

  15. Robert White says:

    O MY GOD BEN HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AUSTRIANS AND OTTOMANS!!!!!! look at the flags and the size of there empires.

  16. This is the turning point in the war. I think this series would only last about 3 or 4 more episodes!

  17. Ben, in modern warfare mod, you should play as Ukraine and beat Russia, or play as North Korea and beat South Korea.

  18. Try adding some war goals for the UK so they might do something.

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