Hearts of Iron 4: Communist China Episode 12 – “World War 3”


You guys asked for War, so War we will have! I present War with the entire World, by ourselves. If you like what you watched do not be afraid to go Subscribe …


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  1. Emtpy Gaming says:

    When are you gonna upload CK2? its such a good game :)

  2. Glory to the Sino-Soviet Union (Union of Eurasian Sino Soviet Socialist Republics, or UESSSR), a more realistic name. Or maybe I could drop the E and make it USSSR. DOWN WITH THE CRAPITALIST IMPERIALISTS.

  3. This episode is like the best birthday present ever

  4. Guerilza says:

    when your done with this, play as British raj and turn it fascist

  5. wow man almost 8,000 subs good job man

  6. Canadain Idc says:

    Play as communist UK

  7. Edam tang says:

    you play cs go?

  8. Nukes are underpowered af I nuked Japan like 15 times, nothing happened. No national unity decreasing no units disappearing just infrarstructure damage. God damn it Paradox! Why are they so weak?

  9. Because of you i can no longer watch any other youtuber play this game STOP BEING SO DAMNED GOOD :D

  10. King Dang says:

    Build the radar stations… They give you great bonuses in the air combat…

  11. that_pac12 says:

    I hope France can beat China. ?

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