Hearts of Iron 4 | Italy | Part 3 | AI Blows and AI Counter Blows


Lets Play Hearts of Iron 4 (HoI4) as the Italy! The long wait is over, Hearts of Iron IV is here. World War 2 Grand Strategy at its finest. The newest installment from …


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  1. Death_Knight says:


  2. Gammage37 says:

    have you tried manually having your volunteers move back to Italy through the sea? it might work

  3. Nick M says:

    "Kerplow! Right in the flank!"… is that a Patton quote?

  4. Jamie Ngo says:

    And Ai triple blows. And ai quatruple blows. And ai what every you call doing something 5 times blows .And ai what every you call doing something 6 times blows. And more. Wow lots of blows

  5. Steve Pirie says:

    Not 100% sure Ben but if your units in Spain are alive and the Nats capitulate I think they get auto shipped back to Italy. Just from what I've seen of other you tubers.

  6. Check the casualties my fellow Benjamin. I want to see what damage this hectic back and forth warfare is causing.

  7. Are you going to do any variants of the tank models

  8. Bcreepy says:

    Glad to see Ben isn't doing what he did in his German game where he was in 1942 an still using
    1936 weponds

  9. What's escort efficiency, I've never seen and Escort mission or command for fighter wings ? :/

  10. If you find a weak spot in Spain's defences, rush Madrid. Or go down the coast as it seems open.

  11. Eric L says:

    He just chilled out and watched them blow the line open in Spain, lol…

    Can you not send more soldiers and crush the Republicans there? Is there no way to get more men down into Spain?

  12. 02091992able says:

    Mostly Italy relied on German tanks and after the invasion of Sicily and mainland Italy the Germans where doing allot of fighting there as well.

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  14. Hank Snow says:

    One army can have more than one battle plan for different units. There are tutorials showing how to do that.

  15. Morbus Kid says:

    It's funny that you say Italian tanks weren't very good because they were more efficient in flanking than foward attack because most Italian medium tanks had a main gun in the turret, about 47-57mm guns then they had a hull-mounted dual breda m-38 machineguns and they had about 50-60 mm's of armor in the front at a slight sloped angle given it the effectiveness of 55-68 mm's of armor which wasn't bad at the time in 1940, Then in 1942 they were equipped with longer guns and thicker armor as well as co-axial machineguns, in 1943 they had developed the first kind of cruiser light tank which was sort of like the British crusader mixed with the Russian t-34 and has the same 5-foot long 57mm gun as the mod-1942 M13/42 medium tank. They also made a heavy tank after the invasion of France and they would have made another if Germany didn't destroy the specs and the allies didn't capture Italy. But whats history is history and we can't change it we can only learn from it and hope to improve on what was done in the past or never attempt what was done in the past.

  16. They really REALLY need to fix the AI. Seriously.

  17. ora10053 says:

    true, removing the cooldown sucks a lot, combat is pretty much reduced to click-rush

  18. Kdawg 244 says:

    Declaring war on somebody pulls your units out

  19. Would be awesome if you could become full-time youtuber! Keep the great work up, you always have top-notch content while still keeping it relaxed and very enjoyable! Cheers from Scandinavia! :D

  20. Issac1709HD says:

    When it says 1×50% research bonuses for (Insert List) it means you get to chose 1 listed item to research with a 50% bonus , not a 50% bonus on ALL of the items.

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