Hearts of Iron 4 – Soviet Union 1936 Gameplay [HOI4 World War 2] Part 3 – Civil War in Spain


Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union Gameplay [1936 start of World War 2] HOI4 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hearts of Iron 4 description from …


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  2. erik mast says:

    The benelux stands for
    Be Belgium
    Ne Netherlands
    Lux Luxembourg

  3. lowarior20 says:

    In soviet russia olympic games play you.

  4. Make China Communist !

  5. You need to control your own troups in spain

  6. Jona Berkers says:


  7. U actually have to move and attack with the volunteers urself the Spanish can't move it

  8. Ben-Eh-Lux pronunciation

  9. endman105 says:

    u have to control the units in Spain yourself

  10. +BAStartGaming Drew, you do realise you have to control your volunteers

  11. PLEASE READ THIS: You have to get rid of the current front-lines that you have. you need to go into battle plans, and create ONE (1) HYUUUGE front-line instead of a whole bunch of small ones, this will cause a better spread of troops across your European Front!

  12. Beau Kennedy says:

    they screwed up the vegitation map of Australia and made its capital sydney those bastards

  13. better send tanks to spain they move fast and if you send tanks you are the one with tanks !!!!

  14. rafael68165 says:


  15. Staging a coup in france is a terible idea. We saw that the nazi's were building against france. The nazis and japan will both bee axis, you and france will both be Comintern. The japs will join against france and u against nazis, you will be at war with both of them

  16. TOD says:

    The soviets didn't go to the early olympics because they thought they were too bourgeois

  17. Rofl ..  is he using crack again 🙂 Not knowing where Benelux is standing for :-)

  18. Joe Mc says:

    Control your soldiers

  19. benelux stands for belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.get it BE NE LUX

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