Hearts of Iron IV 3 Day War: Day 2 – Multiplayer


Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy from Paradox set during World War II. http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Support me over at …


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  1. ay first view and comment

  2. Phat says:

    3rd yeah boi

  3. gatchy 3 says:

    Notification Squad were you at?

  4. Erik Smit says:

    360p for the win!

  5. I haven't been this early in a long time , 360p!

  6. Calleb72 says:

    that outfit is brilliant! love it

  7. the romans are back

  8. Dennicam24 says:

    countdown is d?

  9. I love, watching this after seeing the paradox commentary, how you both over-estimated the capabilities of both the Allies and the Soviet Union when in reality you could have won by just attacking Quill's paper soldiers at the start here and then invading England in the next part.

  10. Spoilers in the tumbnail :(

  11. Bob Boberson says:

    How does the US have p-51s in 1938?

  12. are they playing against AI? or real people?

  13. Daniel wants everybody to fear their plans?  Well, time for a well placed reference!  "You see, Her Doctor, now that they know our plan, they will plan around our plan and so we will plan around the plan that they are planning around our plan!"  "Your brilliance knows no end."

  14. it is ok to say fur das vaterland though

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