Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 1


Let’s Play Hearts of Iron IV as Germany and show the world what Germany can do with a little bit of ‘foresight’ into future events. Consider supporting me on …


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  1. Manstien over the Desert Fox? Why man. Do you even know who Erwin Rommel is man? I'm not dissing you, but please, before you play these games, do some background research!

  2. Most of this comment sections is people furiously masturbating to Erwin Rommel.

  3. Hahahah, "we'll just take this guy" (picks Erwin F-ing Rommel, one of the most famous generals of WW2)

  4. Tripp Fields says:


  5. Arumba calling Rommel 'this guy' 🙁

    Respect the Desert Fox!

  6. Brian M says:

    Just got the game, and this is gonna be my tutorial. You seem to know what you're doing. Your German pronunciation is pretty terrible though. lol (Kluge = CLOO-guh, "ei" is pronounced as "eye")

  7. m1w9c9h0 says:


    you told us to leave a positive comment:D

  8. Harry Lion says:

    every time you use tanks or motorised you use oil. So oil is used in the movement of mechinised troops, tanks, planes and ships. Plus you need it to build units in your production. Just a heads up if you trade for oil and rubber with russia to get oil when you go to war with them or they declare war on you that oil and rubber will stop coming in. This will leave your units disorganised greatly and your production lines will suffer. That what i found in my game. I lost that one. Russia now owns Germany.

  9. "So please no negative comments."
    I hope you disregard people like that. Ignore them, they do not help, don't even respond to them. I hope you have a good game, enjoy and tear the world asunder! Maybe next time play a USA Total World Conquest. I know I want to see an evil America playthrough.

  10. Soviet plan: Be soviets and build tons of calvary units and conquer europe like mongols


  12. onett home says:

    Arumba's vids taught me how to play Crusader Kings and Europa. Here I am again.

  13. Sun Guy says:

    thanks for having 144p arumba!
    I can acctualy watch the video thanks!

  14. matrixfan58 says:

    Hey guys I know le good guy nazi ernest rumple aren't I a historical scholar?

  15. Mr McAwesome says:

    "And we'll put in the region called Thisonehere"
    And now, 70 years later, there is a region in Germany called Thisonehere

  16. The Blitzkrieg was never a thing.

  17. Owneador1337 says:

    Are you playing with the Holocaust mod?

  18. i was shocked to see how historicaly detailed this game is.
    Yugoslav militarily chiefs are real persons from history. It no wonder big nations like Germany have historically accurate leader names, but for minors thats really impressive.

  19. eric t says:

    What happens if you decide not to attack Poland?

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