Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 13


Let’s Play Hearts of Iron IV as Germany and show the world what Germany can do with a little bit of ‘foresight’ into future events. Consider supporting me on …


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  1. Iain Goldie says:

    half of Italy is controlled by Allies, large numbers of British troops are staging in northern France, all whilst Arumba has 33 divisions exercising in Poland

  2. Somebody says:

    You said Romania instead of Yugoslavia, called a river stupid even when it's the most important river in all of Europe, Messed up the name of the capital etc etc. You should really have more sleep lol

  3. TheTadej123 says:

    Go back to Eu4 please, this is just a cringe fest for the HOI players :(

  4. Rob Ingram says:

    Organise your theatres…please…

  5. Rob Ingram says:

    He's conquered most of Europe and he doesnt even know what the number 90 means..ffs…this game is too easy

  6. Konradkurze says:

    Arumba: We don't need to put points into reliability 'cause we are gonna stick maintenance companies on there'
    Proceeds to put more points into reliability than any other category.

  7. Daly Close says:

    +Arumba Seems like you're more interested in finishing the game, rather than enjoying the process/game part of it. Do the mechanics of this game not interest you?

  8. crackshack2 says:


    Are you Romania? OPS lol youre Yugoslavia ?????

  9. crackshack2 says:

    LMFAO the filter comes off Arumba lmao

    Such a pro in ck2 noob in hoi4 lmfao

  10. pbnyed says:

    It's all falling apart

  11. holy shit. crap. Restart :)

  12. Best ending, your reaction was priceless.

  13. booglog says:

    Started watching Arumba's lets play to learn how to play a little bit, turns out im doing better than him in my campaign. LOL

  14. sari4tune says:

    the end of this part is the best moment in this series so far LOL

  15. Rennaaa says:

    The tunnelvision is real.

  16. Joona Helin says:

    allright, i'm gonna say it. you are literally worse than hitler.

  17. Look, those circles that change from green, to red and yellow. If it's green you are peachy clean, if it's red, then you are dead!

  18. Thomas O says:

    As a German, i feel deeply offended by ur way of playing… Please play France or Turkey next time , but not germany

  19. I hope USSR defend better then other

  20. Jesus wept! If you only paid attention to detail and planned ahead a little you would save yurself SOOOO much trouble. Or is this a tatic to keep viewers on the edge of our seats? lol

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