Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 22


collapsable unit lines in build queue, reorder them at will ability to move generals from their current position at the bottom of the screen allow airplanes to be …


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  1. Siemer27 says:

    For some weird reason, paradox decided you must hit enter after making the naval invasion command…don't know why but you do. Just another weird idea the paradox team came up with. Hope this helps!

  2. Tbh, he's acting a whole lot like Hitler. He was an impatient and forced his generals to do what they knew was reckless.

  3. Arumba said "Oh my god…" in such a way I was expecting "look at that ****" to follow.

  4. "OMG we took and island!"

    My first thought, now Arumba's got to try and get back to the mainland by figuring out the landing mechanics.

  5. Free American Empire is fabricating a claim on us? Oops…

  6. "Total limit 10 !… Oh that would explain it"

    Arumba may not have normal humour on this channel but I love the little things like this, it's so funny.

  7. You have to click on the arrow to assign them to the naval invasion OR select 10 and then make the order.

  8. masterMOD na says:

    u need mariens ti naval invade

  9. when arumba was using the african forces to invade the greek islands instead of the guys who were right next to the port it made me hurt a bit.

  10. ajlunce says:

    war dec Saudis and take arabia and it's oil

  11. Arumba also add to the description the abilities to sort by unit type in armies

  12. Mr. Waffles says:

    Take over the United States

  13. typical american leaving saudi arabia untouched lol, while they fund like 60% of all terrorisme.

  14. Start building naval transports and bombers for your UK invasion. Also, still not researching atomics :(

  15. Dking says:

    you can only have so many units planning a invasion at a time

  16. kada0601 says:

    L for luftwaffe

  17. Nuovoswiss says:

    LOL, Fascist america worked well for you before, but I guess they needed a civil war. Unfortunately this time around, you may have created a monster…

  18. Razunter says:

    you have to confirm invasion by pressing "enter" before doing anything else.

  19. What else should the keyboard shortcut for the Luftwaffe be?

  20. ragerancher says:

    Well, this game looks complicated

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