Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 27


Let’s Play Hearts of Iron IV as Germany and show the world what Germany can do with a little bit of ‘foresight’ into future events. Consider supporting me on …


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  1. I love way more a no-action episode that you learn and teach than a 25min one where I scream about something stupid you did/are doing because you did 't read.

  2. Attremn nah says:

    So much time would be saved if he just read the tool tips. When learning you stop to read each tool tip once or twice, but when you don't you end up bumbling around for so long, not knowing what to do when the answer is a few seconds of reading, that its incredibly frustrating to watch.

  3. Arumba, I now really do understand why you want to get good at games before you show them on your channel, and even though not much happend this episode I loved it far more than any of the others. Keep up the good work, and i cant wait for new episodes. P.S. Please please please do a little bit of reading up on world war two, you are kinda dealing with history buffs here and its a bit frustrating for us with you get thing we think are super simple wrong. Thanks for uploading though, I cant really express how much i appreciate your vids and keep it up!

  4. Steven Koch says:

    When you set up a naval invasion, the game requires you to left click the port of origin, right click the target province, and then hit the ENTER button to confirm. (Weird, I know) That is why the game asks you if you want to cancel the order when you left click, right click, then hit ESC. Because it is still selecting the naval invasion order, expecting you to hit the enter button to confirm.

  5. Comm C says:

    please research advanced naval transports asap so you can invade with more than 10 divisions

  6. Hey Arumba, when I play the game my division template icons are super basic, how did you get the nice helmets and tankicons?

  7. Good to see you are learning and having fun!

  8. It's the battle of the sneaky sub.

  9. your sounds out of sync . seems to be getting worse in each successive video. YOU MUST READ TOOLTIP YOU LOSE MORE TIME FLOUNDERING IN YOUR OWN SELF PITY …… "What is that noise" by arumba

  10. I think the casualty thing on the war screen in this game is so strange. I played Germany, and by 1943 I got into two seperate wars. One against Comintern (who attacked me) and one against the Allies. Against the Allies I lost 150k, and killed about 1 million while invading everything (including the UK) except of Africa. However, in only 1 month against the USSR I lost 200k and killed 3 million. I get that it is historically correct, but I don't get why the losses are that much heavier on the eastern front in this game.

  11. Thewipyk says:

    IT'S ''43 time for nukes

  12. Joe tommy says:


  13. bami2 says:

    Here is an amazing way to do fast naval invasions.

    Select an army with like 24 units, now select 5 or 6 of those units and create a naval invasion. Preparation time should be 7*amount of units days (unless you upgraded landing craft).

    As soon as the landing starts, select 6 units from the army that don't have orders and assign them to the naval invasion (control+click). Repeat for the rest of the army in chunks of 6. Now you have a fast preparing naval invasion that as soon as you get a foot hold will dump the whole army in that province.

  14. João Afonso says:

    Play as Portugal! take that challenge!

  15. does anyone else hear a giant echo?

  16. Reading the tooltips is MUCH BETTER than listening to you screaming at the screen for things that are your fault. This episode was much better, by the way.
    You should have played some single player or read the dev diaries or watched one episode of WWW before you started recording this series. It would have helped a lot.

  17. shooting at a sub with air support xD
    ''yaa Dimmel wer is das sub! shoot ze water everyone!! Rausch!
    but sirr,'
    ok :/''

  18. Fitz Omega says:

    I prefer you reading a tooltip for 30 seconds like for the naval stuff
    in the video than you not understing wtf is going on because you don't
    want to read it 🙂

    Well for me it's not changing that much, but it would be better for you, you know less frustration.

  19. This video was fantastic, the better os the series so far! Congratulations!

  20. Still enjoying HOI4. Keep it up.

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