Hearts of Iron IV – “World War Wednesday” Part 3


Tune in to watch live: Wednesdays at 14:30-CET on http://twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive In part 3 of our series “World War Wednesday” Jakob Munthe (Brand …


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  1. mooore mooore, Im Buy fast The game

  2. Harlot says:

    My body was ready for this.

  3. The Dude says:

    that map effect is extremely annoying

  4. Jpeez115 FIN says:

    you have any idea when this game is relased? plz relase it soon :D

  5. i went to twitch yesterday to see the podcast after it was done totally worth staring at the starting screen for 10min

  6. SOMEBODY says:

    Yes! I've been waiting for these series!

  7. Dellaf * says:

    sorry,but i still think that hoi3 with Black Ice mod is better than hoi 4…

  8. Toke3004 says:

    Well played Poland..

  9. Co West says:

    The Reason Hitler's Face is blurred is because they are playing on an incomplete German copy of the game. Nazi Leaders faces are illegal in Germany so that's why it is faded out. In the Finland stream the placeholder picture for Hitler was an Anime Nazi Girl so. They have stated several times that they are on a German copy of the game. So you would be happy to know that Hitler's face is in the actual game.

  10. bernie muro says:

    noooo i want to see what would have happend lol i like those kind of games

  11. Troll Poland, refusing to give us a war in Part 3 :P

  12. Teis Blem says:


  13. bit dissapointed guys, the beauty of the game is that its random and it wont allways be historical, to try and foce it with reloads feels cheap to me

  14. Der Preuße says:

    I came a bit when I saw this…

  15. MuppetLord1 says:

    Curious if it will be possible to build a land army mostly based on professional infantry, thats backed up by air superiority and dive bombers to take out enemy tanks? :)

  16. Stupid Poland, always messing up the timeline.

  17. Poland must have french military advisors for they way they surrendered.

  18. wenn is the release

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