Hearts of Iron IV – “World War Wednesday” Part 9 – Where in the world is Japan?


The war continues. This episode is a bit shorter than normal due to technical difficulties. In our series “World War Wednesday” Daniel Sjöberg faces off against …


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  1. I didnt ask for this… I wanted HOI3 2.0

  2. God Moritz says:

    "Children of the Reich die for you, for Italy." RIP Italy, 1943

  3. TheCoyote808 says:

    Oh mighty Johan, your subjects grow restless. We wish to know when the game will be released. This teaser is but whetting our appetites for our starving desire to play the Hearts of Iron 4.

  4. Plebeian+ says:

    Hitler: My final plan, INVADE ASIA!

  5. Martin Ilbi says:

    please tell me there are gonna be NATO counters

  6. I wonna to get this game when it will avaible to buy ant try to win with poland.

  7. Italy capitulating should have been a glitch. Same as with japan!

  8. axis power well won

  9. if your country you play let's say poland, since it has a generic national focus tree can ppl make mods to give them their own or is that impossible

  10. QUI3TSTORM says:

    Why don't you set up a second cam upstairs so you can cut to the supporting cast every now and then? Looking great guys, I can hardly wait, you guys are essentially the last bastion for thinking gamers Paradox!

  11. R E L E A S E D A T E

  12. HerrStein says:

    TA 400 !!! i love you guys. i want this game i have to destroy the US with a massive strategical bombing campaign!

  13. Pretty cool how Daniel is able to launch major offensive operations in Siberia. I'm glad they got rid of the "supply" bullshit, everyone knows that had little to do with war. WW2 was about who had the most tanks, not about supplies.

  14. Elgrando Mio says:

    Une putain de date de sortie c'est trop demander?

  15. gogol1st says:

    NATO counters day one please ! johan please please day one ! not a MOD please

  16. Do you have in plan to make option to plan single battle tactical view? not just move army in the map as a arrow? To see how different tactics effect different units?

  17. Zema221 says:

    Italian army survival guide. Page 1: call the German army. Page 2 surrender. the end…

  18. Toby Stiup says:

    Why did they change hitlers picture?

  19. Chalkstix says:

    What's the timescale for open beta or release? 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? 12+ months?

  20. add the leopard 1 before the game goes on the market, plees

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