Hearts of Iron IV – “World War Wednesday” – Single Player Japan #2


In this episode Jake and Daniel continue to play as Japan in a single player campaign. You can find the QA from the WWW streams here: …


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  1. Whisky Bravo says:

    MOAR! keep em coming Daniel

  2. TVBalkan says:

    #1 You said that minor nations will have generic tank names. Will we be able to set custom names to to tank/aircraft models and ship classes?

    #2 It's not clear to me . Can you make 2 plans for the same army and then execute them at will depending on the situation on terrain? For example in case the attack goes well I'll do this plan, and if it doesn't i want to do the other.

  3. I have to say that the artwork of Hirohito dissapointed me a bit =/ When you look at his wartime pictures he's not really lie this at all =(

  4. release the game already? You obviously play a final version of the game so to mock fans like this is not only annoying but also insulting.

  5. Joshua Jedi says:

    I can't wait to challenge Da9L to a HOI 4 duel.

  6. starguy321 says:

    An independent Japanese faction would be nice

  7. Really like how the game is looking.

  8. Everyone Join the Hype Train

  9. we want mooooreeeeeee

  10. invade the world

  11. SgtHydra says:

    I'm liking the new naval UI.

  12. Power Gaming says:

    idk y they decide June 6 just because of d day even though the games development will be almost ready to a point

  13. As a Kiwi my feelings are hurt by this episode. Who wouldn't want to invade us for our strategic stockpiles of Pineapple Lumps and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream.

  14. How long you can play in HoI IV? (what's the end date)

  15. I'm really hoping they add a more advanced tutorial this time…
    Unlike the HOI3 one..

  16. Milan Keprt says:

    Yes, slower pace, thank you Paradox ent., good to see you hear out and listen to your fans ! + I love the NATO symbols option, I cant imagine my game without them.

  17. JoeyDee says:

    We need more of this, Daniel and Jake are by far the most entertaining and helpful of the bunch.

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