Hearts of Iron IV – “World War Wednesday” – Single Player Japan #3


In this episode Jake and Daniel continue to play as Japan in a single player campaign. You can find the QA from the WWW streams here: …


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  1. ZG77hawk says:

    More Hearts of Iron 4 Please…


  3. PcGamerify says:

    Why is it censored?

  4. Moarrrrr Hearts of IronIV!!!!

  5. more hair of daniel !

  6. Well Daniel has really good hair. He's a great Japanese Emperor. Must be stylish to be emperor.

  7. Need NAZI Germany Single Player too

  8. More Hearts of Iron pleaaaaaase!

  9. chris raines says:

    I know the game comes out on D-day, but is there like a Beta to buy into, or something of the sort?

  10. Asid Sad says:

    I think it is an interting question:

    What happen if i seize control of 51% over a territory ( or full occupation), but my enemy started build a factory or infrastructure a few months ago? I have any chance to finish it, or it will be lost and i need to start to build it from the beginning?
    Will be nice, if i gain a "xx%" finished factory and i only need a "yy" day to finish it.

  11. I hope paradox won't do the same thing with spamming DLC's like they did with EU IV.
    I can understand that from a commercial perspective, but I personally find this very annoying to have so many different versions of a game.
    Then I would wait a few years to get a more "complete" version and stick with HOI III with Black ICE in the meanwhile.

  12. QUI3TSTORM says:

    MOAAAR HOI IV WW Wednesday or WE RIOT! Also I feel like these two deserve a raise… I promise this isn't Daniel's alt account.

  13. Muller RF says:

    Hairs of iron 4

  14. Оля Р says:

    Hey. What languages ​​will the game at the time of its release (localization ) ?

  15. Storm says:

    Sinkyang? Wasn't it supposed to be Xinyang?

  16. Kozer H says:

    This game looks like it is coming along very well. I literally cannot wait to play it

  17. Lone Wolf says:

    just stupid… i'm from germany.. we can't see his face? rly.. i mean we all know it is him…we all know he was a power hungry person and he did many horrible thinks.. but still it is our history.. and we can't change history.. but we can learn from it.. i just hate germany's censorship…
    but nvm i just buy the english release.. lol

  18. Cedric Hein says:

    Life is hard as German guy

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