Heavy Morning Arrivals runway 25R Barcelona–El Prat Airport 07/11/16


Some morning Heavy arrivals landing on runway 25R at Narcelona El Prat Airport. Despite going there so late in the year there was plenty to see, from Air …


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  1. A great video here, you caught some interesting movements here, loved that cheeky shot of the Qatar 330 at the end :D

  2. Very nice selection Jon, liked!

  3. YQBspotting says:

    Nice shots buddy :)

  4. Awesome range of traffic. From the American to all the other planes. Liked

  5. 19bootsy68 says:

    Nicely captured Jonathan. Was it nice and warm out there for you? Are the cleaners still on strike there?

  6. Fantastic compilation mate, great variety of traffic! Liked!

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