Here’s Why Israelis Are Once Again Angry With Obama: ‘Absolutely Perplexing’


Israeli officials and media are voicing dismay and anger over yet another leak of sensitive military information by the Obama administration, with one veteran broadcaster asking if the White House is fine with Hezbollah obtaining advanced weaponry.

As TheBlaze reported on Thursday, an Obama administration official told the Associated Press that Israeli aircraft attacked a military site in the Syrian port city of Latakia early Thursday morning, targeting advanced Russian-made SA-125 missiles and other equipment the Israeli government believed would land in the hands of Hezbollah.

Here’s Why Israelis Are Once Again Angry With Obama ‘Absolutely Perplexing’

CNN and other American news outlets also quoted “an Obama administration official” revealing that Israel was behind the attack.

While the Israeli government is not commenting on the reports, Israeli media and officials are expressing annoyance at the repeated leaks about Israeli military activity by U.S. government officials.

“It is unclear why the US would leak such information, as it could increase the pressure on Syria to retaliate against Israel,” the Jerusalem Post wrote.

Israel Army Radio devoted an extended segment to the issue on its Friday morning news program during which veteran broadcaster Micha Friedman asked if it’s possible that while the Americans are saying “no” to Syrian chemical weapons, they are okay with weapons being transferred to Hezbollah.

Member of Knesset and retired Israeli Defense Forces General Amram Mitzna told Army Radio Friday morning, “There is something absolutely perplexing that I don’t understand its meaning whereby American sources leak to the American press. The Americans know what’s happening in the region and it’s possible there’s even strategic coordination [with Israel]. It sounds very, very jarring as there are strategic relations between Israel and the U.S. for years.”

“I can tell you that the State of Israel has to maintain its strategic goals and regarding absolute and necessary security not to hesitate to act even when it’s not pleasant for our friends in the West,” Mitzna added.

Mitzna explained that Israel cannot afford to allow Syrian President Bashar Assad to transfer sophisticated weaponry like land-to-sea missiles to Hezbollah. Israeli defense officials are concerned that if Hezbollah obtains advanced weaponry that would change the strategic balance in the region, the Israel Defense Forces could face difficulty countering the radical Shi’ite group in the future.

This isn’t the first time the Obama administration has been accused of leaking sensitive military information regarding Israel’s reported operations in Syria. In July, Israeli officials were upset when unnamed Pentagon officials told the media that Israel was behind a missile attack again in Latakia that targeted Russian-made anti-ship missiles.

Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon reported over the summer that when Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter was in Israel, “The Israelis argued in private meetings and other exchanges that the disclosures could lead to Syrian counterattacks against Israel and should have been coordinated first with the Israeli government.”

In May, Israel Radio reported that the Obama administration had apologized to Israel for leaking that Israel was responsible for airstrikes on Damascus Airport that month. According to Israel Radio, the administration blamed “low-level” officials for the unauthorized leak, as TheBlaze previously reported.

Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center, told TheBlaze at the time, “Can you imagine if things were reversed and somebody did that to the U.S.?”

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12 Responses

  1. DDearborn says:


    OK you have made several statements that are simply not true. The only legitimate comparison one can make regarding the current Israeli aggression and WWII is that Israel is in fact mimicking the actions of the NAZI. Second and equally important well over HALF the land the Israel currently claims as it’s own DID NOT BELONG TO ISRAEL in 1948. Israel has stolen that land and continues to do so as I write this. Third Israel is NOT America’s friend. Israel has been caught literally hundreds of times spying on the US Military. Israel has been caught murdering US Soldiers and civilians. Israel does not even honor extradition to the US except in extraordinary circumstances. It is not a question of liking or disliking Israel it is a question of national security. Israel is a direct, immediate and ongoing threat to US National Security.
    And finally with regard to “starting wars’ Israel’s own generals have publicly admitted that it was in fact ISREAL that provoked and instigated the 1967 war. Israel has attacked every single one of it neighbors repeatedly. Israel is a rogue nuclear power that has been out of control for decades. The US should have launched attacks against Israel on 9-12 because all the evidence to date points straight to the Mossad and a small group of traitors inside the US. War was necessary in the Middle East but zionist traitors/ dual citizens in our government and media blinded the American people. However clearly the tide has turned and the American people are finally waking up to face the real enemy of America in the Middle East—ISRAEL!

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    We have no reason to be fighting wars for Israel or any one else. Their intent to exterminate the Muslims is their choice. When the become a problem for me I will exterminate them. I will not do it because some religious fanatic known for criminal deception and outright lying directs my political leadership to spend American lives in wars that do nor serve the people of America.
    Crimes against humanity. The Israelis have enemies because they created them. Their political theft of land from Palestine was the beginning and their continued theft and genocide of Palestinians gives the Palestinians perfectly good reasons to attack Israel.
    I do not fear Hezbollah or anyone else from a foreign country. I fear what is taking place within my own government and their destruction of America. I fear what the DHS and FEMA are planning. Yes I am ready for when my governor calls to fight any domestic threat. Because that is where the threat exists.
    Molon Labe.

    • Ltpar says:

      Had your philosophy prevailed in 1941, we would all be speaking German and/or Japanese today. That said, I agree with you on fighting in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and soon to be Syria. We need to butt out and let the Muslims solve their own problems. I hate to be the bearer of ill tidings, but you are already a problem for Muslims. Joining the rest of us as “Infidels” you must either convert to Islam, or stop breathing their air. I might also point out to you that Israel was granted their land by the United Nations and stole nothing. It is the Arabs who have initiated Wars against Israel several times and not vice versa. Israel kicked their butts then and would do it again if another attack is initiated. Israel remains the only friend the United States has in the mideast, despite all the ass kissing done by our Muslim loving President. So we can agree, for one reason or another you do not like Israel. I also agree with you on the internal threat being our greatest problem and assume you live in Texas, since Perry is the only governor who would have the male body parts to stand up to the Feds. I am with you in that fight and will see you in the trenches. Semper Fidelis.

  3. ticktock says:

    So, a coutry that is responsible for an action, and it is known, is now considered a “leak” if the world is told? What kind of Jew nonsense is this? I guess the enire world is supposed to have the Guantanamo black bags on their heads with the ear muffs!

    • Ltpar says:

      Quite trying to deceive yourself into believing your Uncle Sam always wears the white hat in the world. If ten percent of the black bag jobs the U.S. government pulls off were ever made public, you liberals and bleeding hearts would fall to your knees in shock. Sorry to take away your Obama kool aid popsickle, but the world is a very nasty place and America is at the top of the most hated list, more so than even Israel. As such, it is necessary to deal with the bad people in ways that people like yourself never know about. That’s the price you pay for having your kids go school in safety, or you shop at the mall without fear of terrorists blowing the place apart. As I indicated in an earlier post, if those Hezbollah missiles were raining down on your city, you would be screaming at the top of your lungs for America to retailate. What is so unusual about Israel doing the same. Bottom line is that this is just another in the cheesecloth of national security leaks coming out of the White House and why none of our allies can trust us anymore. By the way, I am not Jewish, just a plain old American veteran who is sick and tired of the traitors who have taken over our country. Semper Fidelis.

  4. Regina Igors says:

    I agree 100% with you, DDearborn. I do NOT agree with Ltpar. Israel’s peanut size does not warrant that the USA NEEDS them. They have been riding on America’s coat-tails, too long. Too much money and equipment has been sent to them. Why doesn’t the USA just get out of the Middle East and stop giving money to all of them. Let them kill each other, fighting it out. hmmnn??

    • Ltpar says:

      Why don’t I hear you making an issue out of all the money we have sent to NATO and our alleged allies in Europe, who are nothing but fair weather sailors. Add to that, the cost of all the military personnel we have stationed there to provide security for those thankless countries. Then, what about South Korea and the billions of dollars in military aid and manpower pumped into that God forsaken place to keep the North Koreans in check. Hell, they can barely feed their people, much less launch a war on the South. Lastly, why aren’t you whining about the Military – Industrial Complex, with Congress securely in their pockets and who encourages all those Wars we seem to get ourselves into around the globe. What the United States needs to do is stop being policeman to the world, force our style of democracy on places who don’t want it and let the other countries solve their own problems. Then perhaps we could focus that money on fixing the problems right here at home. That make any sense to you Regina?

  5. DDearborn says:


    The real question is not that US “officials” are letting the cat out of the bag. The real question is why isn’t the US using military force to stop Israel from committing yet another illegal act of aggression. Why isn’t the US terminating all aid until such time as Israel stops attacking its neighbors. And no they are not attacking because they are in danger. They are attacking in attempts to expand both their geographic boundaries as well as their political and military sphere of influence. (empire building). It is time for the US to put Israel on a leash.

    • Ltpar says:

      It is clear which side of this issue you are on? If it were your country or home those missiles were raining down on, you might not be so liberal with your tolerance of a recognized terrorist group and our incompetent American government. Whether you want to admit it or not, Israel is one of the few remaining friends we have in that part of the world, despite the continued betrayal by Obama and his Muslim advisors. Instead of asking why doesn’t the United States suspend aid to Israel, you should be asking why we are giving military aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and arming al qaeda in Syria. Being anti-Israel could have something to do with your decision, right? Bottom line, perhaps it is time for Israel to put Obama on a short leash and simply stop providing us any intelligence from the region, or what they are doing to defend their country. In the end, we need them more than they need us and there is much we can learn from them about dealing with Muslim terrorists.

  6. GJS says:

    The more that is known the better to make an informed judgement or decision.

    • Ltpar says:

      Surely you jest. We haven’t had an “informed” decision coming out of the White House, or even Congress in many years. If all those people were beamed up by Scotty to the Enterprise, our world would be a much safer and better place. Just remember, good government is in direct proportion to the quality of men and women elected. “We the People” have certainly done a sorry job of that and now we are paying the piper.

      • Julie T. says:

        Ltpar, there are many ex military still living the lie. Zionist control the world and the money supply. There fake Jew land (and I have Jewish blood, so don’t go there with me) is not under attack and Syria in non violent having US, France, UK, Saudi, Qatar funded al CIA da claiming to be the FSA. The Zions are the enemy along with the countries mentioned above. Obama is a puppet just like Bush and the rest before them. The fact that you are still doing the false left/right paradigm, a Divide and Conquer strategy to get sheep, like yourself, to fight with each other over uniting, shows that you haven’t a clue. That’s how they reign. So wake up or live the lie. I have a FB page with over 222,000 followers who are getting the truth; mostly Americans who subscribe. A website too. A Sheep No More on FB and asheepnomoredotcom. The Zions, Mossad (CIA/MI5/6) are just division of Mossad did 9/11 and some in the US govt had knowledge. If you’d simply get educated and get rid of the brainwashing, the sheep like you might unite with us and fight the enemy that’s coming to destroy Americans.

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