Hillary Clinton Could Start World War III in Syria. Here’s Why


My name is H. A. Goodman and I’m an author, columnist, and journalist www.hagoodman.com Russia Bombed Base in Syria Used by U.S. …


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  1. Nick Coates says:

    Ultimately, it's about trying to maintain the dollar, supported by a completely insolvent western banking system. Opposing this is the rise of a BRICS gold backed Yuan. Central Bankers have nowhere to hide now, except under Hillary Clinton's skirt.

  2. Oh no says:

    Hillary already started WW3 within Syria.. No laughing matter.

  3. Make no mistake that Clinton knew perfectly well she was breaking the law. She is a criminal and did not want the traitorous dealings of the Clinton foundation found out.

  4. I agree. Jill Stein would make Hill look like a JOKE.

  5. onstageagain says:

    Helmet Head Hillary, she is so discusting… This slop hog is a freak. .. Her voice is nauseating. ..

  6. Dick Snotty says:

    I cant tell the difference in looks between Crooked Killary and Kissinger.

  7. I've been saying this for a whle, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it.

  8. US has no business being in Syria to begin with. Russia was invited by Assad. US was not, which means they must be there illegally. Assad also never invited UK or France.

  9. peter krug says:

    So basically our choices for president are two different people, either one of which might start World War 3. Wonderful.

  10. Ojas Devam says:

    There is something seriously wrong with Hillary… ALSO…YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ABOUT HER STARTING WW3.. IN FACT SHE IS IN THE PROCESS OF THAT NOW… She is very ill http://www.infowars.com/video-bizarre-hillary-behavior-caught-on-camera/

  11. well goodbey human race

  12. xlsyor says:

    Not to be combative, but you write better than you speak. Here's a suggestion: if you want to present information leading us to understand how La Clinton will be instrumental in starting, or at least allowing, a third world war, start with the details of possible confrontations possible or probable with Russia it took you five minutes of wandering to get to in this video.
    You can't have been in your profession, dealing with the events you seem to be conversant with, without having been exposed to theories detailing the efforts made by conservatives around the world to turn this planet into their version of heaven, all without the majority of us. This does include the extermination of the majority of the population.
    And it seems to me that a major war would fit nicely into this agenda, wouldn't you agree?

  13. mafia232 says:

    Russia didn't accidentally bomb the base. They knew it was an illegal CIA base, they wanted to send them a message

  14. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations .Read Jim Maars book The Rse of the Fourth Reich.; In 1991Gthen Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was honored as a Bilderberg guest, and the next year he ran for and won the presidency. After his election,Clinton made no mention of the Bilderberg meetings . Hjillary Clinton attended a meeting in 1997, becoming the first American First Lady to do so. Thereafter talk steadily grew concerning her future roll in politics and by 08 she was the leading Dem presidential candidate. pg 286. Read the book . Names are there for all to see Corporate and individual corruption ,national and international control and how its all connected.

  15. NATO is moving to the Baltics and Eastern Europe and if NATO installs ABMs there, Putin will be forced to act . Trump has very discretely and read between the lines and said, he wants the NATO nations to support the funding or he will not fight their wars . Very tactful ,telling, notice of policy . Putin hears that as well . Find out Hillarys take on NATO and you have your answer of who is more dangerous .

  16. BrianS3000 says:

    Who would declare a no fly zone over Syria? Russia has veto power on the UN Security Council it's truly bizarre. If NATO does it outside of Europe over the soil of a sovereign nation that is asking Russia to fly sorties over their own airspace it's going to be of highly dubious legality. I remember a point in the Republican debates where Christie said he would shoot down a Russian plane for violating this hypothetical zone in Syria, so it does seem the establishment on both sides wouldn't mind a war with Russia. Things are gonna get really bad in their opinions if a war with a major nuclear power is needed.

  17. BrianS3000 says:

    Blowback as the driving factor of our foreign policy goes all the back to Woodrow Wilson, not just Bush.

  18. Putin's been warning the media about ww3. He has an entire intelligence agency that reports directly to him.

  19. Don Barron says:

    Those rebels were CIA funded!

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