Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? World War 3!


Reasons why I think that a potential world war or, at least, major conflict might be inevitable if either one of them gets into office.


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  1. Trump is a no war candidate he didn't want the wars that have happened in the last 15 years. The ban on Muslims was a temporary one for countries we are at war with. He wants fair trade. Hitlery will start a war she wants the overthrow of Syria which could escalate to ww3. Hitlery does not want fair trade she has voted for every trade deal that exists.

  2. Ray Randall says:

    Bernie is a socialist. Socialism does not work, history has proven this many times. Hillary is a sociopathic criminal who feeds off money and power. Donald Trump is a good man, very successful, and has the kind of ego one needs to be a successful president. Trump is common sense and wants to put America first. Trump 2016!!!

  3. Thanks for the upload love,
    It was absolutely mystifying.

  4. Bluegrass 7 says:

    war is coming . They getting hungry.

  5. Keepoh says:


  6. You spoke against trump bro, the fiends are knocking at your door haha! Great video!

  7. Bernie is different, but Socialism sucks. The Zodiac Killer dropped out. Trump and Killary are sex buddies for evil. Vote Libertarian or not at all. However, I rather have Trump than Killary.

  8. YuDuTheMath says:

    Ahki, please don't fall into the Hegelian mind-games. This is only to distract us. I believe we need to be seeking Yahuah's truth and pray for people to wake up, before it's too late. These are the ways of the Gentiles, not the Way of Yahuah.

  9. you must have been watching CNN, they are Hillary supporters and rarely speak well of bernie or report the true facts. do your research bro, most of the nation favors bernie. don't trust establishment polls… they're as reliable as Fox news.

  10. heres a thought: trump is controlled opposition.

    If trump wins our votes matter.

    if Hillary wins, elections are rigged.

    remember, bernie wanted to sue Democratic party. He felt they where trying to give the nomination to Killary.

  11. im a woman who doesnt want a woman in the white house. Now hillary may have already passed menopause, but she isnt trustworthy. she is one of the most accomplished liars.

    If we didnt have equality for women in America, hillary wouldn't be running.
    Between Hillary and trump, they both have always just want to be president. But so does my 3yrd old daughter…

    To the feminist: White female feminist have been the biggest benefactors of anti-discrimination laws. Im sorry. Its a fact. We live in a nation where women have more rights than any other country. To vote a female into office just for the sake of a female president, is sad.

    Grandpa says we get what we deserve.

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