Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie


MUST READ!! COLIN POWELL LETTER http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/environment/humans/chemtrails/news.php?q=1216155860, MY BLOG …


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  1. Piri Kan says:

    Demon incarnated woman. She is evil itself  !

  2. Lisa Catkin says:

    Just because someone is a Hollywood star does not mean they are not STUPID and or CROOKED.

  3. Matt Foley says:

    With regards to Travelgate, William Dale had been living a life of naivete and was blinded by the lies the federal govt. had been telling him all his life. Seeing him so stunned that the federal govt. could manufacture lies and put innocent people behind bars, makes me sick. He kept his eyes closed. He was part of the system. He had a nice govt. job and was part of the Establishment. Did he ever make any noise about any of the injustices occurring around him? No, of course not but he sure did want help when he was the target of the federal govt.

    The FBI and federal prosecutors indict and convict innocent people every single day in America. But Billy thought he was immune. Nope, sorry Billy. But I think you learned your lesson.

  4. she is the best lady to in the white hause . Donald truput is only hate man

  5. Is Hillary corrupt? Yes but why republicans choose a man with so low qualifications. In the republicans are a lot of people way more qualified. Unless Trump is a false flag candidate so Hillary can go. Because let's face something republicans will loose the women, Latino and black vote. I won't say women are not voting for Trump but sure won't be the majority. Please any time you have Ann coulter you loose credibility, she is so ignorant. Yes Hillary is corrupt and this election I will go for Gary Johnson. I simply can't vote for trump

  6. Hillary for Prison

  7. agree with all of you guys


  9. kyla porter says:

    She learnt it how to work the system bump people off just like her husband!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX8m_Q1mzHA

  10. Hillary sounds like Kathy bates in the horror movie misery ! Now that's creepy and scary !

  11. Trump for President. Last chance for the world.

  12. Trump for President. Save us all. Our last hope.

  13. Trump for President. Save us all. Our last hope.

  14. This needs to be seen by ALL voters, as the media is not doing the public justice by covering Hillary. People need to see both good/bad and past history BEFORE voting this year!

  15. thanx for putting this up.. i wanted to see this in theaters but couldnt

  16. Tony Soprano says:

    Hillary for prison shirt $14.99,  Rape whistle $9.95, witnessing the history of Hillary's demise….PRICELESS!!

  17. to sum up KILLARY< in two words. EVIL BITCH …

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