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  1. The scrooge grandndmother

  2. My wish is Hilary clinton to win and represent women in the world of politic today. leader it not only men can leader the world. women also demonstrate there capability in politic late them also enjoy what is fight for she has a right to became a leader. USA.

  3. All you have to do is look at her past history. This woman is Satin's advocate.

  4. Henry Pham says:

    I will choose Hillary over Trump even though she does disturb me.

  5. Candy Chau says:

    Not hard to see why obummer and the clintons are tight,obummer is on an ideological mission to destroy America and clintons are on a mission to socialize the country and like a corrupt third world despot rip as much money as possible out of it for themselves!

  6. nixter417 says:

    Why the chipmunk effect?

  7. Demrezel says:

    Jesus… You really deserve Trump. Can't you see this is dirty propaganda?

  8. "Hillary for Prison 2016"

  9. i think that Hillary Clinton is a TRAITOR to her country,

  10. Tulsatom Bob says:

    Whenever I hear Hitlerey or O'Bummer on T.V., it makes me nauseous to the point of almost throwing up.
    I never thought I'd live to see America run by a bunch of Narcissistic, self-Entitled Elitist that are the most vile, evil, control freaks.
    They are criminal professional politicians and TRAITORS AND NEED TO BE PROSECUTED.
    They don't care about anything, except for their own personal gain and profit.
    I hope to hell Hillary, Bush and Obama go to prison fo life at Gitmo.

  11. For Hillary evil is only the beginning. Then the trouble begins.

  12. MG77 says:

    She is one of the secret lizard people who are ruling the planet and instrumental in their secret plot to warm the Earth's atmosphere! Stop her before it's too late!

  13. Brandy B says:

    I cannot believe that people will vote for her, especially a women. I had another woman tell me I should be ashamed of myself speaking against another woman. I said if I thought she was a good option for potus I would vote for her however I WILL NOT vote for a woman simply because we both have a vaj and this is a chance to have the first woman potus.

  14. ohyea2u says:

    The LYING hoebag

  15. FSAUDIOGUY says:

    The truth is: Barring any disaster Hillary will be elected president of the U.S. in November. Why? Donald Trump has no filters on his mouth. Yes, Trump is a great businessman and he talks in basic gritty terms that people understand. Considering the obvious and over-riding politically correct atmosphere we live in; does anyone really think Trump has a realistic chance of being elected president? Come on folks, lets get back to the actual reality we live in.

    (Propagate): to foster growing knowledge of, familiarity with, or acceptance of (as an idea or belief)

    The progressives high-jacked the system a long time ago, failing to realize and digest that fact is folly. They are in the business of re-packaging, re-labeling the opposition (conservatives), they have perfected it. Progressives have become absolute experts using the media to promote and propagate their message to target groups of voters. Make no mistake there is no (happenstance) in their method, it is carried out using solid, purposeful, math algorithms. Their speeches contain exacting words and phrases that excite and turn people towards their ideals. Example, one of the absolute best marketing phrases
    in the 20th century (Cellar Door Productions). Simply put, what you say must sound like music to the listener (Voter).

    Bill Clinton was elected for his voice, hair, teeth. Women swooned over him. Most people that voted for him did not really care about his leanings or political stance on most issues. We are a very visual society. Why did people elect Obama? Black, educated, well spoken according to some. Politicians are a (product), it is the packaging that has the mos powerful effect on people. (First Woman President)! (First Black President)! (First Gay President)!

    Having said all that based on research; do you really believe that Donald Trump is a viable marketable product in today's political landscape? If Trump had Bill Clinton's poise and smooth speaking ability he might have a chance. The reality is hard to swallow but it is the truth. I do not care to vote for either of these people, I've seen too many just like them over a fifty year period.

    How many of these politicians have you heard use this phrase: "We'll bring those jobs back to America"?
    Really? What foreign based American company is going to leave 19% corporate taxes to come back across the pond
    so they can pay upwards of 38%? None that I can think of.

    Our current debt is in excess of 19.327 trillion. I always think of this number when I see one of these folks step up to a podium promising the American population a better and more prosperous

    What I see here is the Titanic sinking while the ships crew scurries around rearranging
    the deck chairs.

    We are in serious trouble!

  16. walter byrd says:

    I think this video is running to fast.

  17. haha fucking Stan lee

  18. Double Ghod says:

    Billy Dale, Kathleen Willey et al who got screwed (literally and figuratively) by the Clintons get no sympathy for me. They voted and supported the Clintons from the word go. I save my sympathy for the "enemies" of these fucking Clintion who have had the sword of the IRS levelled over their head simply because they were opponents of the Dastardly Dyad. The Clintons: heartless, arrogant bastards….may God have mercy on their souls.

  19. only problem w this documentary is your use of Beethoven's 5th. I kept seeing A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. LOL

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