Hillary Clinton is a Career Criminal? Proof!! Documentary


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  1. Synoptic 12 says:

    Let us not forget who Hillary is adjoined with, Bill Clinton which is trying to substantiate her lies as being justified. Bill Clinton pretends to be someone of significance, relying upon diatribe which has been polluted by his past exploits. More so, when Bill Clinton traveled to India, he paid homage to Buddha (The God of the Dead), and received a red mark on his forehead while riding an elephant in India. Have any noticed the health issues which encompass Clinton’s body now?

    Extra marital affairs accompanied his resume, namely Monica Lewinsky: along with being identified in a lawsuit against his former friend Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited “multiple” times. Gennifer Flowers, a model and actress who claimed to have had a 12-year affair with then-Arkansas Governor Clinton, nearly derailed his 1992 bid for the presidency. In 1998, Clinton acknowledged under oath that he had a sexual encounter with Flowers despite initially denying the allegations. How can any believe someone which walks in the world, while continuing to spread falsehood and lies?

    Let us also remember Benghazi where four Americans were left to die:

    To neglect a listening post, watch four U.S. Americans fall to the hands of our enemies, clearly portrays a needed change in U.S. administration. To the Secretary of State; Hillary Clinton, not to consider a call for help from the front lines, could only be viewed in one of two ways. The facts were hidden intentionally under the authority of the U.S President, or "the messages were bypassed".
    Hillary Clinton states she had knowledge of classified emails over ten years ago which were part of Colin Powell’s objection as to classification, allegedly after the fact. If Hillary acknowledges the fact on certain, or similar circumstances regarding classified documentation, why did she continue to flaunt, or not recognize the scope of current classified emails as Secretary of State? In having prior knowledge, this would only dictate that Hillary was well informed on all aspects relating to classified intrusions as being sent electronically.

    * As taken from the New York Post:
    “This really raises serious questions about this whole process. I think Colin Powell summed it up well,” Clinton said. “When he was told that some of his emails from more than ten years ago were going to be retroactively classified, he called it an absurdity. So I’m hoping that, you know, we’ll get through this and then everybody can take a hard look at the inter-agency disputes and the arguments over retroactive classification.”

    Clearly the testimony of the law has been breached; in which Hillary is trying to equate prior instances of fallibility relating to again, similar issues being conjoined as a means to relinquish the ongoing investigative process by the F.B.I. More so, Hillary Clinton makes mention of her email staffer (State Department) Bryan Pagliano as being granted immunity in cooperating with the F.B.I. She believes retroactive classification is symptom of an absurd over-classification process wrought with inter-agency disputes, relating to Colin Powell’s ‘objection’. Yet, as Hillary having full knowledge of the facts prior to her exploits; surely portrays a person with little regard for the law. ©

  2. ChemTrailsMN says:

    Great Video! Keep up the good work! also Check out my video, Hillary Mental Meltdown at Los Vegas Rally!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v54psrVPSbg

  3. Geneb Kelly says:

    who cares after all there are more serious thinks in life hey?.

  4. dick smart says:

    rope burn around her neck

  5. OH Yeh! says:


  6. Bobby Scott says:

    "Follow The Money Trail" These Clinton's in no way should be above the law,It's way past time for these two Crooks to Pay The Piper.

  7. abdy beltran says:

    Hillary Clinton is using ethos pathos and ethos with her big fat ego to creating a path for elites. there is no logic here.

  8. It's about time this woman payed for the law breaking issues and deceptive agendas ! It's time these White House morons that take your tax money ,run America ,pays for the law breaking secrecy are dealt with one and for all ,they are not above the LAW no one is !!! It's time these cover ups are stopped and America have people we trust to run the country ,! We don't pay taxes and put these idiots in charge of our country for them to have one law for them and one law for us RIGHT if you do your as bad as them, do you really want someone that lie ,do lawbreaking illegal untrustworthy things in the White House and get away with it, because if it was you, you be incarcerated for years !!!!

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